CAL Test CodeunitCAL Test Coverage MapCAL Test Enabled CodeunitCAL Test LineCAL Test MethodCAL Test ResultCAL Test SuiteCalendar Absence EntryCalendar EntryCalendar EventCalendar Event User Config.CampaignCampaign EntryCampaign StatusCampaign Target GroupCancelled DocumentCapacity Constrained ResourceCapacity Ledger EntryCapacity Unit of MeasureCash Flow AccountCash Flow Account CommentCash Flow Availability BufferCash Flow Azure AI BufferCash Flow Chart SetupCash Flow ForecastCash Flow Forecast EntryCash Flow Manual ExpenseCash Flow Manual RevenueCash Flow Report SelectionCash Flow SetupCash Flow Worksheet LineCause of AbsenceCause of InactivityCDS Connection SetupCDS EnvironmentCDS Failed Option MappingCertificate of SupplyChange Global Dim. HeaderChange Global Dim. Log EntryChange Log EntryChange Log SetupChange Log Setup (Field)Change Log Setup (Table)Chart DefinitionCheck Ledger EntryChecklist ItemChecklist Item RoleChecklist Item UserChecklist SetupClose Income Statement BufferClose Opportunity CodeColumn LayoutColumn Layout NameComment LineCommunication MethodCompany InformationCompany SizeConfidentialConfidential InformationConfig. Field MapConfig. Field MappingConfig. LineConfig. Media BufferConfig. PackageConfig. Package DataConfig. Package ErrorConfig. Package FieldConfig. Package FilterConfig. Package RecordConfig. Package TableConfig. QuestionConfig. Question AreaConfig. QuestionnaireConfig. Record For ProcessingConfig. Related FieldConfig. Related TableConfig. SelectionConfig. SetupConfig. Table Processing RuleConfig. Template HeaderConfig. Template LineConfig. Tmpl. Selection RulesConnectivity App LogoConsolidation AccountConsolidation ProcessConsolidation SetupCont. Duplicate Search StringContactContact Alt. Addr. Date RangeContact Alt. AddressContact Business RelationContact Dupl. Details BufferContact DuplicateContact Industry GroupContact Job ResponsibilityContact Mailing GroupContact Profile AnswerContact ValueContact Web SourceContoso Coffee Demo Data SetupContoso Demo Data ModuleContoso Module DependencyContract Change LogContract Gain.Loss EntryContract Gain/Loss EntryContract GroupContract Trend BufferContract.Service DiscountContract/Service DiscountCopy Gen. Journal ParametersCopy Item BufferCopy Item ParametersCortana IntelligenceCortana Intelligence UsageCost Accounting SetupCost Allocation SourceCost Allocation TargetCost Budget BufferCost Budget EntryCost Budget NameCost Budget RegisterCost CenterCost Element BufferCost EntryCost Journal BatchCost Journal LineCost Journal TemplateCost ObjectCost RegisterCost Share BufferCost TypeCountry.RegionCountry.Region TranslationCountry/RegionCountry/Region TranslationCoupling Field BufferCoupling Record BufferCredit Trans Re-export HistoryCredit Transfer EntryCredit Transfer RegisterCRM Annotation BufferCRM Annotation CouplingCRM Connection SetupCRM Full Synch. Review LineCRM Integration RecordCRM Option MappingCRM Post BufferCRM RedirectCRM Synch StatusCRM Synch. Conflict BufferCRM Synch. Job Status CueCSV BufferCue SetupCurr. Exch. Rate Update SetupCurrencyCurrency AmountCurrency Exchange RateCurrency for Fin. Charge TermsCurrency for Reminder LevelCurrency Total BufferCurrent SalespersonCust. Invoice Disc.Cust. Ledger EntryCustom Address FormatCustom Address Format LineCustom Report SelectionCustomerCustomer AmountCustomer Bank AccountCustomer Discount GroupCustomer Posting GroupCustomer Price GroupCustomer Sales BufferCustomer Templ.Customer TemplateCustomized Calendar ChangeCustomized Calendar EntryCV Ledger Entry Buffer

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