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Table Type: Company

Table Name: Currency
Database Table Name: CRONUS UK Ltd_$Currency$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972

Table Number: 0

Due to how Dynamics BC tables and columns are named, square brackets need to be wrapped around the table name and column names. Below are example queries showing how Currency can be queried.

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   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Currency$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972]

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   ,[Last Date Modified]
   ,[Last Date Adjusted]
   ,[ISO Code]
   ,[ISO Numeric Code]
   ,[Unrealized Gains Acc_]
   ,[Realized Gains Acc_]
   ,[Unrealized Losses Acc_]
   ,[Realized Losses Acc_]
   ,[Invoice Rounding Precision]
   ,[Invoice Rounding Type]
   ,[Amount Rounding Precision]
   ,[Unit-Amount Rounding Precision]
   ,[Amount Decimal Places]
   ,[Unit-Amount Decimal Places]
   ,[Realized G_L Gains Account]
   ,[Realized G_L Losses Account]
   ,[Appln_ Rounding Precision]
   ,[EMU Currency]
   ,[Currency Factor]
   ,[Residual Gains Account]
   ,[Residual Losses Account]
   ,[Conv_ LCY Rndg_ Debit Acc_]
   ,[Conv_ LCY Rndg_ Credit Acc_]
   ,[Max_ VAT Difference Allowed]
   ,[VAT Rounding Type]
   ,[Payment Tolerance _]
   ,[Max_ Payment Tolerance Amount]
   ,[Last Modified Date Time]
   ,[Coupled to CRM]
   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Currency$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972]

Show/hide columns in Currency table

Column IDColumn NameData Type
1timestamp Searchtimestamp
2Code Primary Key Searchnvarchar(20)
3Last Date Modified Searchdatetime
4Last Date Adjusted Searchdatetime
5ISO Code Searchnvarchar(6)
6ISO Numeric Code Searchnvarchar(6)
7Unrealized Gains Acc_ Searchnvarchar(40)
8Realized Gains Acc_ Searchnvarchar(40)
9Unrealized Losses Acc_ Searchnvarchar(40)
10Realized Losses Acc_ Searchnvarchar(40)
11Invoice Rounding Precision Searchdecimal(38,38)
12Invoice Rounding Type Searchint
13Amount Rounding Precision Searchdecimal(38,38)
14Unit-Amount Rounding Precision Searchdecimal(38,38)
15Description Searchnvarchar(60)
16Amount Decimal Places Searchnvarchar(10)
17Unit-Amount Decimal Places Searchnvarchar(10)
18Realized G_L Gains Account Searchnvarchar(40)
19Realized G_L Losses Account Searchnvarchar(40)
20Appln_ Rounding Precision Searchdecimal(38,38)
21EMU Currency Searchtinyint
22Currency Factor Searchdecimal(38,38)
23Residual Gains Account Searchnvarchar(40)
24Residual Losses Account Searchnvarchar(40)
25Conv_ LCY Rndg_ Debit Acc_ Searchnvarchar(40)
26Conv_ LCY Rndg_ Credit Acc_ Searchnvarchar(40)
27Max_ VAT Difference Allowed Searchdecimal(38,38)
28VAT Rounding Type Searchint
29Payment Tolerance _ Searchdecimal(38,38)
30Max_ Payment Tolerance Amount Searchdecimal(38,38)
31Symbol Searchnvarchar(20)
32Last Modified Date Time Searchdatetime
33Coupled to CRM Searchtinyint
34Id Searchuniqueidentifier
35$systemId Searchuniqueidentifier
36$systemCreatedAt Searchdatetime
37$systemCreatedBy Searchuniqueidentifier
38$systemModifiedAt Searchdatetime
39$systemModifiedBy Searchuniqueidentifier

Show/hide tables related to Currency table

Additional Fee SetupAdjust Exchange Rate BufferAged Report EntityAging Band BufferApplied Payment EntryApproval EntryBank AccountBank Account Ledger EntryBank Deposit HeaderBusiness UnitBusiness Unit InformationContactCredit Transfer EntryCurrency AmountCurrency Exchange RateCurrency for Fin_ Charge TermsCurrency for Reminder LevelCurrency Total BufferCustomerCustomer Bank AccountCustomer TemplateCustomer Templ_Cust_ Invoice Disc_Cust_ Ledger EntryCV Ledger Entry BufferDeferral HeaderDeferral Header ArchiveDeferral LineDeferral Line ArchiveDetailed Cust_ Ledg_ EntryDetailed CV Ledg_ Entry BufferDetailed Employee Ledger EntryDetailed Vendor Ledg_ EntryDirect Debit Collection EntryEmployee Ledger EntryEmployee Payment BufferExch_ Rate Adjmt_ Ledg_ EntryExch_ Rate Adjmt_ Reg_Filed Service Contract HeaderFinance Charge Memo HeaderGen_ Journal LineHandled IC Inbox Jnl_ LineHandled IC Inbox Purch_ HeaderHandled IC Inbox Purch_ LineHandled IC Inbox Sales HeaderHandled IC Inbox Sales LineHandled IC Outbox Jnl_ LineHandled IC Outbox Purch_ HdrHandled IC Outbox Purch_ LineHandled IC Outbox Sales HeaderHandled IC Outbox Sales LineIC Inbox Jnl_ LineIC Inbox Purchase HeaderIC Inbox Purchase LineIC Inbox Sales HeaderIC Inbox Sales LineIC Outbox Jnl_ LineIC Outbox Purchase HeaderIC Outbox Purchase LineIC Outbox Sales HeaderIC Outbox Sales LineIC PartnerIncoming DocumentIssued Fin_ Charge Memo HeaderIssued Reminder HeaderJobJob G_L Account PriceJob Item PriceJob Journal LineJob Ledger EntryJob Planning LineJob Resource PriceMini Customer TemplateMini Vendor TemplateMS – PayPal TransactionMS – WorldPay TransactionMS- PayPal TransactionO365 Sales DocumentOnline Bank Acc_ LinkPayable Employee Ledger EntryPayable Vendor Ledger EntryPayment Application ProposalPayment BufferPayment Export DataPositive Pay DetailPositive Pay Entry DetailPosted Approval EntryPosted Bank Deposit HeaderPosted Bank Deposit LinePosted Deferral HeaderPosted Deferral LinePosted Gen_ Journal LinePrice List HeaderPrice List LinePrice Worksheet LinePurchase HeaderPurchase Header ArchivePurchase LinePurchase Line ArchivePurchase Line DiscountPurchase Order Entity BufferPurchase PricePurch_ Cr_ Memo Hdr_Purch_ Inv_ Entity AggregatePurch_ Inv_ HeaderPurch_ Price Line Disc_ Buff_Purch_ Rcpt_ HeaderReconcile CV Acc BufferReminder HeaderRequisition LineResource PriceResource Price ChangeReturn Receipt HeaderReturn Shipment HeaderReversal EntrySales Cr_ Memo Entity BufferSales Cr_Memo HeaderSales HeaderSales Header ArchiveSales Invoice Entity AggregateSales Invoice HeaderSales LineSales Line ArchiveSales Line DiscountSales Order Entity BufferSales PriceSales Price and Line Disc BuffSales Price WorksheetSales Quote Entity BufferSales Shipment HeaderService Contract HeaderService Cr_Memo HeaderService HeaderService Invoice HeaderService LineService Shipment HeaderService Shipment LineServ_ Price Group SetupStandard Customer Sales CodeStandard General Journal LineStandard Purchase CodeStandard Sales CodeStandard Service CodeStandard Vendor Purchase CodeVendorVendor Bank AccountVendor Invoice Disc_Vendor Ledger EntryVendor Templ_

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