Application Area Setup

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Table Type: System

Table Name: Application Area Setup
Database Table Name:

Table Number: 9178

Due to how Dynamics BC tables and columns are named, square brackets need to be wrapped around the table name and column names. Below are example queries showing how Application Area Setup can be queried.

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   [] AS [Application Area Setup]
   [Company] AS [Company]
         [Application Area Setup].[Company Name] = [Company].[Name]
   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Source Code$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972] AS [Source Code]
         [Application Area Setup].[Assembly] = [Source Code].[Code]
   [User] AS [User]
         [Application Area Setup].[SystemCreatedBy] = [User].[User Security ID]
   [User] AS [User]
         [Application Area Setup].[SystemModifiedBy] = [User].[User Security ID]

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Field No.Field NameField CaptionClassTypeLengthSQL Column NameSQL DataType
1Company Name Primary Key SearchCompany NameNormalText30
2Profile ID Primary Key SearchProfile IDNormalCode30
3User ID Primary Key SearchUser IDNormalCode50
40Invoicing SearchInvoicingNormalBoolean4
100Basic SearchBasicNormalBoolean4
200Suite SearchSuiteNormalBoolean4
300Relationship Mgmt SearchRelationship MgmtNormalBoolean4
400Jobs SearchJobsNormalBoolean4
500Fixed Assets SearchFixed AssetsNormalBoolean4
600Location SearchLocationNormalBoolean4
700BasicHR SearchBasicHRNormalBoolean4
800Assembly SearchAssemblyNormalBoolean4
900Item Charges SearchItem ChargesNormalBoolean4
1000Advanced SearchAdvancedNormalBoolean4
1100Warehouse SearchWarehouseNormalBoolean4
1200Service SearchServiceNormalBoolean4
1300Manufacturing SearchManufacturingNormalBoolean4
1400Planning SearchPlanningNormalBoolean4
1500Dimensions SearchDimensionsNormalBoolean4
1600Item Tracking SearchItem TrackingNormalBoolean4
1700Intercompany SearchIntercompanyNormalBoolean4
1800Sales Return Order SearchSales Return OrderNormalBoolean4
1900Purch Return Order SearchPurch Return OrderNormalBoolean4
2000Prepayments SearchPrepaymentsNormalBoolean4
2100Cost Accounting SearchCost AccountingNormalBoolean4
2200Sales Budget SearchSales BudgetNormalBoolean4
2300Purchase Budget SearchPurchase BudgetNormalBoolean4
2400Item Budget SearchItem BudgetNormalBoolean4
2500Sales Analysis SearchSales AnalysisNormalBoolean4
2600Purchase Analysis SearchPurchase AnalysisNormalBoolean4
2650Inventory Analysis SearchInventory AnalysisNormalBoolean4
2700XBRL SearchXBRLNormalBoolean4
2800Reservation SearchReservationNormalBoolean4
2900Order Promising SearchOrder PromisingNormalBoolean4
3000ADCS SearchADCSNormalBoolean4
3100Comments SearchCommentsNormalBoolean4
3200Record Links SearchRecord LinksNormalBoolean4
3300Notes SearchNotesNormalBoolean4
3400VAT SearchTaxNormalBoolean4
3500Sales Tax SearchSales TaxNormalBoolean4
3600Item References SearchItem ReferencesNormalBoolean4
5000Basic EU SearchBasic EUNormalBoolean4
5001Basic CA SearchBasic CANormalBoolean4
5002Basic US SearchBasic USNormalBoolean4
5003Basic MX SearchBasic MXNormalBoolean4
5004Basic AU SearchBasic AUNormalBoolean4
5005Basic NZ SearchBasic NZNormalBoolean4
5006Basic AT SearchBasic ATNormalBoolean4
5007Basic CH SearchBasic CHNormalBoolean4
5008Basic DE SearchBasic DENormalBoolean4
5009Basic BE SearchBasic BENormalBoolean4
5010Basic CZ SearchBasic CZNormalBoolean4
5011Basic DK SearchBasic DKNormalBoolean4
5012Basic ES SearchBasic ESNormalBoolean4
5013Basic FI SearchBasic FINormalBoolean4
5014Basic FR SearchBasic FRNormalBoolean4
5015Basic GB SearchBasic GBNormalBoolean4
5016Basic IS SearchBasic ISNormalBoolean4
5017Basic IT SearchBasic ITNormalBoolean4
5018Basic NL SearchBasic NLNormalBoolean4
5019Basic NO SearchBasic NONormalBoolean4
5020Basic RU SearchBasic RUNormalBoolean4
5021Basic SE SearchBasic SENormalBoolean4
2000000000$systemId SearchSystem IDNormalGUID16
2000000001SystemCreatedAt SearchCreated AtNormalDateTime8
2000000002SystemCreatedBy SearchCreated ByNormalGUID16
2000000003SystemModifiedAt SearchModified AtNormalDateTime8
2000000004SystemModifiedBy SearchModified ByNormalGUID16

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