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Table Type: Company

Table Name: Location
Database Table Name: CRONUS UK Ltd_$Location$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972

Table Number: 0

Due to how Dynamics BC tables and columns are named, square brackets need to be wrapped around the table name and column names. Below are example queries showing how Location can be queried.

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   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Location$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972]

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   ,[Default Bin Code]
   ,[Name 2]
   ,[Address 2]
   ,[Phone No_]
   ,[Phone No_ 2]
   ,[Telex No_]
   ,[Fax No_]
   ,[Post Code]
   ,[Home Page]
   ,[Country_Region Code]
   ,[Use As In-Transit]
   ,[Require Put-away]
   ,[Require Pick]
   ,[Cross-Dock Due Date Calc_]
   ,[Use Cross-Docking]
   ,[Require Receive]
   ,[Require Shipment]
   ,[Bin Mandatory]
   ,[Directed Put-away and Pick]
   ,[Default Bin Selection]
   ,[Outbound Whse_ Handling Time]
   ,[Inbound Whse_ Handling Time]
   ,[Put-away Template Code]
   ,[Use Put-away Worksheet]
   ,[Pick According to FEFO]
   ,[Allow Breakbulk]
   ,[Bin Capacity Policy]
   ,[Open Shop Floor Bin Code]
   ,[To-Production Bin Code]
   ,[From-Production Bin Code]
   ,[Adjustment Bin Code]
   ,[Always Create Put-away Line]
   ,[Always Create Pick Line]
   ,[Special Equipment]
   ,[Receipt Bin Code]
   ,[Shipment Bin Code]
   ,[Cross-Dock Bin Code]
   ,[To-Assembly Bin Code]
   ,[From-Assembly Bin Code]
   ,[Asm_-to-Order Shpt_ Bin Code]
   ,[Base Calendar Code]
   ,[Use ADCS]
   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Location$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972]

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   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Location$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972] AS [Location]
   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Country_Region$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972] AS [Country_Region]
         [Location].[Country_Region Code] = [Country_Region].[Code]
   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Put-away Template Header$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972] AS [Put-away Template Header]
         [Location].[Put-away Template Code] = [Put-away Template Header].[Code]

Show/hide columns in Location table

Column IDColumn NameData Type
1timestamp Searchtimestamp
2Code Primary Key Searchnvarchar(20)
3Name Searchnvarchar(200)
4Default Bin Code Searchnvarchar(40)
5Name 2 Searchnvarchar(100)
6Address Searchnvarchar(200)
7Address 2 Searchnvarchar(100)
8City Searchnvarchar(60)
9Phone No_ Searchnvarchar(60)
10Phone No_ 2 Searchnvarchar(60)
11Telex No_ Searchnvarchar(60)
12Fax No_ Searchnvarchar(60)
13Contact Searchnvarchar(200)
14Post Code Searchnvarchar(40)
15County Searchnvarchar(60)
16E-Mail Searchnvarchar(160)
17Home Page Searchnvarchar(180)
18Country_Region Code Searchnvarchar(20)
Key to join to the Country_Region table.

Show/hide example query

       [Location].[Country_Region Code]
       [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Location$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972] AS [Location]
       [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Country_Region$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972] AS [Country_Region]
                     [Location].[Country_Region Code] = [Country_Region].[Code]
19Use As In-Transit Searchtinyint
20Require Put-away Searchtinyint
21Require Pick Searchtinyint
22Cross-Dock Due Date Calc_ Searchvarchar(32)
23Use Cross-Docking Searchtinyint
24Require Receive Searchtinyint
25Require Shipment Searchtinyint
26Bin Mandatory Searchtinyint
27Directed Put-away and Pick Searchtinyint
28Default Bin Selection Searchint
29Outbound Whse_ Handling Time Searchvarchar(32)
30Inbound Whse_ Handling Time Searchvarchar(32)
31Put-away Template Code Searchnvarchar(20)
Key to join to the Put-away Template Header table.

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       [Location].[Put-away Template Code]
       ,[Put-away Template Header].[Code]
       [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Location$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972] AS [Location]
       [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Put-away Template Header$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972] AS [Put-away Template Header]
                     [Location].[Put-away Template Code] = [Put-away Template Header].[Code]
32Use Put-away Worksheet Searchtinyint
33Pick According to FEFO Searchtinyint
34Allow Breakbulk Searchtinyint
35Bin Capacity Policy Searchint
36Open Shop Floor Bin Code Searchnvarchar(40)
37To-Production Bin Code Searchnvarchar(40)
38From-Production Bin Code Searchnvarchar(40)
39Adjustment Bin Code Searchnvarchar(40)
40Always Create Put-away Line Searchtinyint
41Always Create Pick Line Searchtinyint
42Special Equipment Searchint
43Receipt Bin Code Searchnvarchar(40)
44Shipment Bin Code Searchnvarchar(40)
45Cross-Dock Bin Code Searchnvarchar(40)
46To-Assembly Bin Code Searchnvarchar(40)
47From-Assembly Bin Code Searchnvarchar(40)
48Asm_-to-Order Shpt_ Bin Code Searchnvarchar(40)
49Base Calendar Code Searchnvarchar(20)
50Use ADCS Searchtinyint
51$systemId Searchuniqueidentifier
52$systemCreatedAt Searchdatetime
53$systemCreatedBy Searchuniqueidentifier
54$systemModifiedAt Searchdatetime
55$systemModifiedBy Searchuniqueidentifier

Show/hide tables related from Location table

Show/hide tables related to Location table

Action Message EntryAssembly HeaderAssembly LineAvailability Calc_ OverviewAverage Cost Calc_ OverviewAvg_ Cost Adjmt_ Entry PointBinBin ContentBin Creation Wksh_ NameBin Creation Worksheet LineBin TemplateBOM BufferCompany InformationConfig_ SetupCost Share BufferCustomerCustomer Templ_FA Ledger EntryFixed AssetInsuranceIns_ Coverage Ledger EntryInternal Movement HeaderInternal Movement LineIntrastat Jnl_ LineInventory Adjustment BufferInventory BufferInventory Event BufferInventory Page DataInventory Posting SetupInventory ProfileInvt_ Document HeaderInvt_ Document LineInvt_ Post to G_L Test BufferInvt_ Posting BufferInvt_ Receipt HeaderInvt_ Receipt LineInvt_ Shipment HeaderInvt_ Shipment LineItem Analysis View Budg_ EntryItem Analysis View EntryItem Availability by DateItem Budget BufferItem Budget EntryItem Journal BufferItem Journal LineItem Ledger EntryItem Tracing BufferJob Difference BufferJob Journal LineJob Ledger EntryJob Planning LineLot Bin BufferLot Numbers by Bin BufferMachine CenterMaintenance Ledger EntryOrder Promising LinePhys_ Inventory Ledger EntryPhys_ Invt_ Item SelectionPhys_ Invt_ Order HeaderPhys_ Invt_ Order LinePhys_ Invt_ Record HeaderPhys_ Invt_ Record LinePlanning AssignmentPlanning ComponentPosted Assembly HeaderPosted Assembly LinePosted Invt_ Pick HeaderPosted Invt_ Pick LinePosted Invt_ Put-away HeaderPosted Invt_ Put-away LinePosted Whse_ Receipt HeaderPosted Whse_ Receipt LinePosted Whse_ Shipment HeaderPosted Whse_ Shipment LineProduction Forecast EntryProduction OrderProd_ Order ComponentProd_ Order LineProd_ Order Routing LinePstd_ Phys_ Invt_ Order HdrPstd_ Phys_ Invt_ Order LinePstd_ Phys_ Invt_ Record HdrPstd_ Phys_ Invt_ Record LinePstd_ Phys_ Invt_ TrackingPurchase HeaderPurchase Header ArchivePurchase LinePurchase Line ArchivePurch_ Cr_ Memo Hdr_Purch_ Cr_ Memo LinePurch_ Inv_ HeaderPurch_ Inv_ LinePurch_ Rcpt_ HeaderPurch_ Rcpt_ LineRegistered Invt_ Movement Hdr_Registered Invt_ Movement LineRegistered Whse_ Activity Hdr_Registered Whse_ Activity LineRequisition LineReservation EntryResource LocationResponsibility CenterReturn Receipt HeaderReturn Receipt LineReturn Shipment HeaderReturn Shipment LineSales Cr_Memo HeaderSales Cr_Memo LineSales HeaderSales Header ArchiveSales Invoice HeaderSales Invoice LineSales LineSales Line ArchiveSales Shipment HeaderSales Shipment LineService Cr_Memo HeaderService Cr_Memo LineService HeaderService Invoice HeaderService Invoice LineService Ledger EntryService LineService Order Posting BufferService Shipment HeaderService Shipment LineShip-to AddressStandard Item Journal LineStockkeeping UnitStockkeeping Unit Comment LineTracking SpecificationUnplanned DemandUntracked Planning ElementValue EntryVendorVendor Templ_Warehouse Activity HeaderWarehouse Activity LineWarehouse EmployeeWarehouse EntryWarehouse Journal BatchWarehouse Journal LineWarehouse Receipt HeaderWarehouse Receipt LineWarehouse RequestWarehouse Shipment HeaderWarehouse Shipment LineWhse_ Cross-Dock OpportunityWhse_ Internal Pick HeaderWhse_ Internal Pick LineWhse_ Internal Put-away HeaderWhse_ Internal Put-away LineWhse_ Item Tracking LineWhse_ Pick RequestWhse_ Put-away RequestWhse_ Worksheet LineWhse_ Worksheet NameWork CenterZone

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