IC Comment LineIC DimensionIC Dimension ValueIC Document DimensionIC G_L AccountIC Inbox Jnl_ LineIC Inbox Purchase HeaderIC Inbox Purchase LineIC Inbox Sales HeaderIC Inbox Sales LineIC Inbox TransactionIC Inbox_Outbox Jnl_ Line Dim_IC Outbox Jnl_ LineIC Outbox Purchase HeaderIC Outbox Purchase LineIC Outbox Sales HeaderIC Outbox Sales LineIC Outbox TransactionIC PartnerIC SetupImport G_L TransactionInc_ Doc_ Attachment OverviewIncoming DocumentIncoming Document ApproverIncoming Document AttachmentIncoming Documents SetupIndustry GroupIns_ Coverage Ledger EntryInsuranceInsurance Journal BatchInsurance Journal LineInsurance Journal TemplateInsurance RegisterInsurance TypeIntegration Field MappingIntegration Management SetupIntegration RecordIntegration Record ArchiveIntegration Synch_ JobIntegration Synch_ Job ErrorsIntegration Table MappingInter_ Log Entry Comment LineInteraction GroupInteraction Log EntryInteraction Merge DataInteraction TemplateInteraction Template SetupInteraction Tmpl_ LanguageIntermediate Data ImportInternal Movement HeaderInternal Movement LineIntrastat Checklist SetupIntrastat Jnl_ BatchIntrastat Jnl_ LineIntrastat Jnl_ TemplateIntrastat SetupInvalidated Dim CorrectionInventory Adjmt_ Entry (Order)Inventory Adjustment BufferInventory BufferInventory Comment LineInventory Event BufferInventory Page DataInventory PeriodInventory Period EntryInventory Posting GroupInventory Posting SetupInventory ProfileInventory Profile Track BufferInventory Report EntryInventory Report HeaderInventory SetupInvoice Post_ BufferInvoiced Booking ItemInvt_ Document HeaderInvt_ Document LineInvt_ Post to G_L Test BufferInvt_ Posting BufferInvt_ Receipt HeaderInvt_ Receipt LineInvt_ Shipment HeaderInvt_ Shipment LineIssued Fin_ Charge Memo HeaderIssued Fin_ Charge Memo LineIssued Reminder HeaderIssued Reminder LineItemItem AmountItem Analysis ViewItem Analysis View Budg_ EntryItem Analysis View EntryItem Analysis View FilterItem Application EntryItem Application Entry HistoryItem Attr_ Value TranslationItem AttributeItem Attribute TranslationItem Attribute ValueItem Attribute Value MappingItem Attribute Value SelectionItem Availability BufferItem Availability by DateItem Availability LineItem Budget BufferItem Budget EntryItem Budget NameItem CategoryItem ChargeItem Charge Assignment (Purch)Item Charge Assignment (Sales)Item Cross ReferenceItem Discount GroupItem Entry RelationItem IdentifierItem Journal BatchItem Journal BufferItem Journal LineItem Journal TemplateItem Ledger EntryItem Picture BufferItem ReferenceItem RegisterItem Statistics BufferItem SubstitutionItem Templ_Item TemplateItem Tracing BufferItem Tracing History BufferItem Tracking CodeItem Tracking CommentItem TranslationItem Turnover BufferItem Unit of MeasureItem VariantItem Vendor

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