Service Item Trend Lines

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Page Name: Service Item Trend Lines
Page Number: 5984
Page Type: ListPart

Source Table Name: Service Item Trend Buffer
Source Table Number: 931

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Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
011818104Period Start Search7Period Start SearchtrueTruetrue
1233548049Period Name Search6Period Name SearchtrueTruetrue
21365073933ServItem.Prepaid Amount Search10Prepaid Income SearchtrueTruetrue
32060093501ServItem.Invoiced Amount Search11Posted Income SearchtrueTruetrue
41314973999ServItem.Parts Used Search12Parts Used SearchtrueTruetrue
5687180982ServItem.Resources Used Search13Resources Used SearchtrueTruetrue
6739791440ServItem.Cost Used Search14Cost Used SearchtrueTruetrue
72092208677Profit Search15Profit SearchtrueTruetrue
82054407372ProfitPct Search16Profit % SearchtrueTruetrue

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