Manager Time Sheet

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Page Name: Manager Time Sheet
Page Number: 952
Page Type: Worksheet

Source Table Name: Time Sheet Line
Source Table Number: 951

Show/hide columns in the Manager Time Sheet page

Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01268600358CurrTimeSheetNo Search  truetruetrue
1961408832ResourceNo Search  truefalsetrue
2796369954ApproverUserID Search  truefalsetrue
3418680609StartingDate Search  truefalsetrue
41334690192EndingDate Search  truefalsetrue
51931310141Type Search5Type Searchtruefalsetrue

Available options are:

  • ” “
  • “Resource”
  • “Job”
  • “Service”
  • “Absence”
  • “Assembly Order”

61573794699Job No. Search6Job No. Searchtruefalsefalse
7675091862Job Task No. Search7Job Task No. Searchtruefalsefalse
8839093877Description Search10Description Searchtruefalsetrue
9509563915Cause of Absence Code Search9Cause of Absence Code Searchtruefalsefalse
10986784635Chargeable Search17Chargeable Searchtruep952p952ChargeableAllowEditfalse
111001211905Work Type Code Search11Work Type Code Searchtruep952p952WorkTypeCodeAllowEditfalse
122081851407Service Order No. Search13Service Order No. Searchtruefalsefalse
131868417908Assembly Order No. Search18Assembly Order No. SearchtrueFalsefalse
141349788646Posted Search23Posted SearchtrueFalsefalse
15423878952Field1 Search  truefalsetrue
161489210899Field2 Search  truefalsetrue
17851514282Field3 Search  truefalsetrue
181530363163Field4 Search  truefalsetrue
192126907516Field5 Search  truefalsetrue
20254969929Field6 Search  truefalsetrue
21892666546Field7 Search  truefalsetrue
221738901335Status Search20Status SearchtrueFalsetrue

Available options are:

  • “Open”
  • “Submitted”
  • “Rejected”
  • “Approved”

23362915846Total Quantity Search15Total Quantity SearchtrueFalsefalse

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