Jobs Setup Wizard

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Page Name: Jobs Setup Wizard
Page Number: 1824
Page Type: NavigatePage

Source Table Name: Jobs Setup
Source Table Number: 315

Show/hide columns in the Jobs Setup Wizard page

Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01932822747MediaResourcesStandard.Media Reference Search  truefalsetrue
1807193802MediaResourcesDone.Media Reference Search  truefalsetrue
21743163017NoSeriesJob Search  truetruetrue
31706648498NoSeriesResource Search  truetruetrue
41576204466NoSeriesTimeSheet Search  truetruetrue
51986406487NoSeriesJobWIP Search  truetruetrue
6879721033DefaultJobPostingGroup Search  truetruetrue
7486692592DefaultWIPMethod Search  truetruetrue
8341667986YesCheckbox Search  truetruetrue
9575537784NoCheckbox Search  truetruetrue
101014665608FirstWeekday Search  truetruetrue
11824756036SuiteJobApproval Search  truetruetrue
121691658465ResourceNo Search  truetruetrue
13496842321ResourceName Search  truetruetrue
14829665344ResourceType Search  truetruetrue

Available options are:

  • “Person”
  • “Machine”

151773435265ResourceUseTimeSheet Search  truetruetrue
16706659646ResourceTimeSheetOwnerID Search  truetruetrue
17252234918ResourceTimeSheetApproverID Search  truetruetrue

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