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Page Name: Job WIP Totals
Page Number: 1028
Page Type: ListPart

Source Table Name: Job WIP Total
Source Table Number: 1021

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Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
02006960115Job Task No. Search3Job Task No. SearchtrueTruetrue
1791842529WIP Method Search4WIP Method SearchtrueFalsetrue
21095330348WIP Posting Date Search5WIP Posting Date SearchtrueFalsetrue
3681976913WIP Warnings Search8WIP Warnings SearchtrueTruetrue
4389847725Schedule (Total Cost) Search10Schedule (Total Cost) SearchtrueFalsetrue
51474495429Schedule (Total Price) Search11Schedule (Total Price) SearchtrueFalsetrue
6888119461Usage (Total Cost) Search12Usage (Total Cost) SearchtrueFalsetrue
71460990381Usage (Total Price) Search13Usage (Total Price) SearchtrueFalsetrue
81238175588Contract (Total Cost) Search14Contract (Total Cost) SearchtrueFalsetrue
91851667646Contract (Total Price) Search15Contract (Total Price) SearchtrueFalsetrue
101963803507Contract (Invoiced Price) Search16Contract (Invoiced Price) SearchtrueFalsetrue
111778089221Contract (Invoiced Cost) Search17Contract (Invoiced Cost) SearchtrueFalsetrue
12283764701Calc. Recog. Sales Amount Search20Calc. Recog. Sales Amount SearchtrueFalsetrue
131137621243Calc. Recog. Costs Amount Search21Calc. Recog. Costs Amount SearchtrueFalsetrue
141843860236Cost Completion % Search30Cost Completion % SearchtrueFalsetrue
151488807190Invoiced % Search31Invoiced % SearchtrueFalsetrue

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