Job WIP Cockpit

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Page Name: Job WIP Cockpit
Page Number: 1027
Page Type: List

Source Table Name: Job
Source Table Number: 167

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Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
02059776066No. Search1No. SearchtrueTruetrue
11459996121Description Search3Description SearchtrueTruetrue
290834714WIP Warnings Search1026WIP Warnings SearchtrueFalsetrue
3328366929Recog. Costs Amount Search1019Recog. Costs Amount SearchtrueFalsetrue
4849552621Recog. Costs G/L Amount Search1020Recog. Costs G/L Amount SearchtrueFalsetrue
51399394249Recog. Sales Amount Search1017Recog. Sales Amount SearchtrueFalsetrue
62058380837Recog. Sales G/L Amount Search1018Recog. Sales G/L Amount SearchtrueFalsetrue
71946333920Recog. Costs Amount Difference Search  trueFalsetrue
82037486104Recog. Sales Amount Difference Search  trueFalsetrue
91919089809Recog. Profit Amount Search  trueFalsetrue
1057930403Recog. Profit G/L Amount Search  trueFalsetrue
111622302302Recog. Profit Amount Difference Search  trueFalsetrue
12486058827WIP Posting Date Search1008WIP Posting Date SearchtrueFalsetrue
13458052841WIP G/L Posting Date Search1009WIP G/L Posting Date SearchtrueFalsetrue
14508946350Total WIP Cost Amount Search1005Total WIP Cost Amount SearchtrueFalsetrue
151611313118Total WIP Cost G/L Amount Search1006Total WIP Cost G/L Amount SearchtrueFalsetrue
16732925081Total WIP Cost Difference Search  trueFalsetrue
171767045911Total WIP Sales Amount Search1021Total WIP Sales Amount SearchtrueFalsetrue
18971008949Total WIP Sales G/L Amount Search1022Total WIP Sales G/L Amount SearchtrueFalsetrue
19803407822Total WIP Sales Difference Search  trueFalsetrue

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