Job Queue Entry Card

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Page Name: Job Queue Entry Card
Page Number: 673
Page Type: Card

Source Table Name: Job Queue Entry
Source Table Number: 472

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Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01199170424Object Type to Run Search7Object Type to Run SearchtrueTruetrue

Available options are:

  • “”
  • “”
  • “”
  • “Report”
  • “”
  • “Codeunit”

1286950971Object ID to Run Search8Object ID to Run SearchtrueTruetrue
21140158994Object Caption to Run Search9Object Caption to Run SearchtrueFalsetrue
31811136665Description Search30Description SearchtrueTruetrue
4779909227Parameter String Search16Parameter String SearchtrueTruetrue
51548718548Job Queue Category Code Search33Job Queue Category Code SearchtrueTruetrue
61338423859User ID Search2User ID SearchtrueFalsetrue
7173094125Maximum No. of Attempts to Run Search11Maximum No. of Attempts to Run SearchtrueTruetrue
81941594082Rerun Delay (sec.) Search47Rerun Delay (sec.) SearchtrueTruetrue
91824862095Last Ready State Search4Last Ready State SearchtrueFalsetrue
10277504448Earliest Start Date/Time Search6Earliest Start Date/Time SearchtrueTruetrue
111884734926Expiration Date/Time Search5Expiration Date/Time SearchtrueTruetrue
121565767596Timeout Search54Job Timeout SearchtrueTruetrue
131658088741Status Search13Status SearchtrueFalsetrue

Available options are:

  • “Ready”
  • “In Process”
  • “Error”
  • “On Hold”
  • “Finished”
  • “On Hold with Inactivity Timeout”

141989298659Report Request Page Options Search46Report Request Page Options SearchtrueTruetrue
152079764510Report Output Type Search10Report Output Type SearchtrueTruetrue

Available options are:

  • “PDF”
  • “Word”
  • “Excel”
  • “Print”
  • “None (Processing only)”

161220066286Printer Name Search45Printer Name SearchtrueTruetrue
17626785679Recurring Job Search17Recurring Job Searchtruefalsetrue
181155633444Run on Mondays Search19Run on Mondays SearchtrueTruetrue
19246678745Run on Tuesdays Search20Run on Tuesdays SearchtrueTruetrue
202123494078Run on Wednesdays Search21Run on Wednesdays SearchtrueTruetrue
21131373744Run on Thursdays Search22Run on Thursdays SearchtrueTruetrue
22920279133Run on Fridays Search23Run on Fridays SearchtrueTruetrue
231130156719Run on Saturdays Search24Run on Saturdays SearchtrueTruetrue
24282099112Run on Sundays Search25Run on Sundays SearchtrueTruetrue
25623975043Next Run Date Formula Search29Next Run Date Formula SearchtrueTruetrue
261430812582Starting Time Search26Starting Time SearchtrueRecurring Job = TRUEtrue
271439838755Ending Time Search27Ending Time SearchtrueRecurring Job = TRUEtrue
281088471100No. of Minutes between Runs Search18No. of Minutes between Runs SearchtrueRecurring Job = TRUEtrue
291965296397Inactivity Timeout Period Search52Inactivity Timeout Period SearchtrueTruetrue
301987057512Control33 Search  truetruetrue
311032516550Control31 Search  truetruetrue
32878200704Control22 Search  truetruetrue

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