Job Queue Entries

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Page Name: Job Queue Entries
Page Number: 672
Page Type: List

Source Table Name: Job Queue Entry
Source Table Number: 472

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Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01300512846Status Search13Status SearchtrueFalsetrue

Available options are:

  • “Ready”
  • “In Process”
  • “Error”
  • “On Hold”
  • “Finished”
  • “On Hold with Inactivity Timeout”

1323877550User ID Search2User ID SearchtrueFalsetrue
2470991167Object Type to Run Search7Object Type to Run SearchtrueTruetrue

Available options are:

  • “”
  • “”
  • “”
  • “Report”
  • “”
  • “Codeunit”

3807201652Object ID to Run Search8Object ID to Run SearchtrueTruetrue
41524429919Object Caption to Run Search9Object Caption to Run SearchtrueFalsetrue
5526561880Description Search30Description SearchtrueTruetrue
6503610045Job Queue Category Code Search33Job Queue Category Code SearchtrueTruetrue
7324702848User Session Started Search41User Session Started SearchtrueFalsetrue
82093125502Parameter String Search16Parameter String SearchtrueTruefalse
9971249705Earliest Start Date/Time Search6Earliest Start Date/Time SearchtrueTruetrue
101774085255Scheduled Search49Scheduled SearchtrueTruetrue
111997646864Recurring Job Search17Recurring Job SearchtrueTruetrue
12919040851No. of Minutes between Runs Search18No. of Minutes between Runs SearchtrueTruetrue
131409938971Run on Mondays Search19Run on Mondays SearchtrueTruefalse
14188737270Run on Tuesdays Search20Run on Tuesdays SearchtrueTruefalse
151760931185Run on Wednesdays Search21Run on Wednesdays SearchtrueTruefalse
16357181191Run on Thursdays Search22Run on Thursdays SearchtrueTruefalse
172132742676Run on Fridays Search23Run on Fridays SearchtrueTruefalse
1863435368Run on Saturdays Search24Run on Saturdays SearchtrueTruefalse
191373327199Run on Sundays Search25Run on Sundays SearchtrueTruefalse
201708002517Starting Time Search26Starting Time SearchtrueTruefalse
211565195276Ending Time Search27Ending Time SearchtrueTruefalse
22101262315Timeout Search54Job Timeout SearchtrueTruefalse

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