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Dynamics 365 BC Table ReferencePagesJJob Ledger Entries Preview

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Page Name: Job Ledger Entries Preview
Page Number: 93
Page Type: List

Source Table Name: Job Ledger Entry
Source Table Number: 169

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Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01041146835Posting Date Search3Posting Date Searchtruefalsetrue
11692946139Entry Type Search64Entry Type Searchtruefalsetrue

Available options are:

  • “Usage”
  • “Sale”

21815729983Document No. Search4Document No. Searchtruefalsetrue
31929210361Job No. Search2Job No. Searchtruefalsetrue
4455365946Job Task No. Search1000Job Task No. SearchtrueTruetrue
5590413503Type Search5Type SearchtrueTruetrue

Available options are:

  • “Resource”
  • “Item”
  • “G/L Account”

6273827232No. Search7No. SearchtrueTruetrue
781356871Description Search8Description Searchtruefalsetrue
8995138504Gen. Bus. Posting Group Search80Gen. Bus. Posting Group SearchtrueTruefalse
91985398029Gen. Prod. Posting Group Search81Gen. Prod. Posting Group SearchtrueTruefalse
10873166585Job Posting Group Search29Job Posting Group SearchtrueTruefalse
112032665885Variant Code Search5402Variant Code SearchtrueTruefalse
121564079857Location Code Search20Location Code Searchtruefalsetrue
13866662237Work Type Code Search32Work Type Code SearchtrueTruetrue
141586938965Unit of Measure Code Search17Unit of Measure Code SearchtrueTruetrue
15554457004Quantity Search9Quantity SearchtrueTruetrue
161497544136Direct Unit Cost (LCY) Search11Direct Unit Cost (LCY) SearchtrueTruefalse
171640201594Unit Cost Search1002Unit Cost Searchtruefalsetrue
181685439373Unit Cost (LCY) Search12Unit Cost (LCY) SearchtrueFalsetrue
191252779942Total Cost Search1003Total Cost Searchtruefalsetrue
20540281073Total Cost (LCY) Search13Total Cost (LCY) SearchtrueFalsetrue
211562028100Unit Price Search1004Unit Price SearchtrueTruetrue
221742289909Unit Price (LCY) Search14Unit Price (LCY) SearchtrueFalsefalse
23610960061Line Amount Search1006Line Amount SearchtrueTruetrue
24661489528Line Discount Amount Search1007Line Discount Amount SearchtrueTruetrue
251135549609Line Discount % Search1021Line Discount % SearchtrueTruetrue
261925129632Total Price Search1005Total Price Searchtruefalsefalse
27317872567Total Price (LCY) Search15Total Price (LCY) SearchtrueFalsefalse
281651130630Line Amount (LCY) Search1001Line Amount (LCY) SearchtrueFalsefalse
291712637603Amt. to Post to G/L Search60Amt. to Post to G/L SearchtrueTruefalse
30563000351Amt. Posted to G/L Search61Amt. Posted to G/L SearchtrueTruefalse
311642483677Original Unit Cost Search1025Original Unit Cost SearchtrueTruefalse
32932054692Original Unit Cost (LCY) Search1023Original Unit Cost (LCY) SearchtrueFalsefalse
33441011497Original Total Cost Search1026Original Total Cost SearchtrueTruefalse
34103584368Original Total Cost (LCY) Search1024Original Total Cost (LCY) SearchtrueFalsefalse
351427104147Original Total Cost (ACY) Search1027Original Total Cost (ACY) SearchtrueTruefalse
361898315309User ID Search37User ID Searchtruefalsefalse
371435272071Source Code Search38Source Code Searchtruefalsefalse
38642541574Reason Code Search76Reason Code Searchtruefalsefalse
39377111080Serial No. Search1019Serial No. SearchtrueTruefalse
401555118679Lot No. Search1020Lot No. Searchtruefalsefalse
41166581590Ledger Entry Type Search1017Ledger Entry Type SearchtrueTruetrue

Available options are:

  • ” “
  • “Resource”
  • “Item”
  • “G/L Account”

42599964941Adjusted Search1028Adjusted SearchtrueTruetrue
431274687374DateTime Adjusted Search1029DateTime Adjusted SearchtrueTruetrue
44572380400Dimension Set ID Search480Dimension Set ID SearchtrueFalsefalse
459163184Global Dimension 1 Code Search30Global Dimension 1 Code SearchtrueTruep93p93Dim1Visible
46570689587Global Dimension 2 Code Search31Global Dimension 2 Code SearchtrueTruep93p93Dim2Visible
471785453255Shortcut Dimension 3 Code Search481Shortcut Dimension 3 Code Searchtruefalsep93p93Dim3Visible
481068713566Shortcut Dimension 4 Code Search482Shortcut Dimension 4 Code Searchtruefalsep93p93Dim4Visible
491330927231Shortcut Dimension 5 Code Search483Shortcut Dimension 5 Code Searchtruefalsep93p93Dim5Visible
5031916324Shortcut Dimension 6 Code Search484Shortcut Dimension 6 Code Searchtruefalsep93p93Dim6Visible
51198922301Shortcut Dimension 7 Code Search485Shortcut Dimension 7 Code Searchtruefalsep93p93Dim7Visible
52279471342Shortcut Dimension 8 Code Search486Shortcut Dimension 8 Code Searchtruefalsep93p93Dim8Visible
Dynamics 365 BC Table ReferencePagesJJob Ledger Entries Preview

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