Adjust Inventory

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Page Name: Adjust Inventory
Page Number: 1327
Page Type: StandardDialog

Source Table Name: Location
Source Table Number: 14

Show/hide columns in the Adjust Inventory page

Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01885212324BaseUnitofMeasureNoLocation Search  truefalsetrue
1402157651CurrentInventoryNoLocation Search  truefalsetrue
226322920NewInventoryNoLocation Search  truetruetrue
3408324876QtyToAdjustNoLocation Search  trueFalsetrue
4432855921Code Search1Code Searchtruefalsetrue
51772028331Name Search2Name Searchtruefalsetrue
61441070385CurrentInventory Search  truefalsetrue
71403348460NewInventory Search  truetruetrue
8181262424QtyToAdjust Search  trueFalsetrue
91432042608BaseUnitofMeasure Search  truefalsetrue

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