Active Opportunity List

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Page Name: Active Opportunity List
Page Number: 5132
Page Type: List

Source Table Name: Opportunity
Source Table Number: 5092

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Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01066889897No. Search1No. SearchtrueTruetrue
11088454078Closed Search12Closed SearchtrueFalsetrue
21643570243Creation Date Search9Creation Date SearchtrueTruetrue
31624377838Description Search2Description SearchtrueTruetrue
449264761Contact No. Search5Contact No. SearchtrueTruetrue
51592220657Contact Name Search23Contact Name SearchtrueFalsetrue
61506219792Contact Company No. Search6Contact Company No. SearchtrueTruefalse
735626576Contact Company Name Search24Contact Company Name SearchtrueFalsetrue
829090256Salesperson Code Search3Salesperson Code SearchtrueTruetrue
91874918860Status Search10Status SearchtrueFalsetrue

Available options are:

  • “Not Started”
  • “In Progress”
  • “Won”
  • “Lost”

102071705877Sales Cycle Code Search7Sales Cycle Code SearchtrueTruefalse
11557522333Current Sales Cycle Stage Search17Current Sales Cycle Stage SearchtrueFalsetrue
12671779655Campaign No. Search4Campaign No. SearchtrueTruetrue
13609960135Sales Document Type Search29Sales Document Type SearchtrueTruetrue

Available options are:

  • ” “
  • “Quote”
  • “Order”
  • “Posted Invoice”

14398307496Sales Document No. Search8Sales Document No. SearchtrueTruetrue
151746867829Estimated Closing Date Search28Estimated Closing Date SearchtrueFalsetrue
161945394926Estimated Value (LCY) Search18Estimated Value (LCY) SearchtrueFalsetrue
171606627022Calcd. Current Value (LCY) Search20Calcd. Current Value (LCY) SearchtrueFalsetrue

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