Accounting Periods

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Page Name: Accounting Periods
Page Number: 100
Page Type: List

Source Table Name: Accounting Period
Source Table Number: 50

Show/hide columns in the Accounting Periods page

Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01222293088Starting Date Search1Starting Date SearchtrueTruetrue
188108173Name Search2Name SearchtrueTruetrue
21728108037New Fiscal Year Search3New Fiscal Year SearchtrueTruetrue
3739500958Closed Search4Closed SearchtrueFalsetrue
4101548378Date Locked Search5Date Locked SearchtrueFalsetrue
52083039839InvtPeriod.IsInvtPeriodClosed(Starting Date) Search  trueFalsetrue
61018149881Average Cost Period Search5805Average Cost Period SearchtrueFalsefalse

Available options are:

  • ” “
  • “Day”
  • “Week”
  • “Month”
  • “Quarter”
  • “Year”
  • “Accounting Period”

71377136313Average Cost Calc. Type Search5804Average Cost Calc. Type SearchtrueFalsefalse

Available options are:

  • ” “
  • “Item”
  • “Item & Location & Variant”

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