Accountant Activities

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Page Name: Accountant Activities
Page Number: 9037
Page Type: CardPart

Source Table Name: Finance Cue
Source Table Number: 9054

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Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01271167971Overdue Purchase Documents Search16Overdue Purchase Documents SearchtrueTruetrue
14891251Cash Accounts Balance Search30Cash Accounts Balance SearchtrueTruetrue
22068739714New Incoming Documents Search22New Incoming Documents SearchtrueTruetrue
3138402316Replication Success Rate Search4000Replication Success Rate SearchtrueTruepx4011px4011IsIntelligentCloudEnabled
473054724Purchase Documents Due Today Search3Purchase Documents Due Today SearchtrueTruetrue
5647921967Purch. Invoices Due Next Week Search18Purch. Invoices Due Next Week SearchtrueFalsetrue
61368279578Purchase Discounts Next Week Search17Purchase Discounts Next Week SearchtrueFalsetrue
7817899892POs Pending Approval Search4POs Pending Approval SearchtrueTruetrue
859832249SOs Pending Approval Search5SOs Pending Approval SearchtrueTruetrue
9286881310Non-Applied Payments Search29Non-Applied Payments SearchtrueTruetrue
102107973495Approved Incoming Documents Search23Approved Incoming Documents SearchtrueTruetrue
11498149787OCR Completed Search25OCR Completed SearchtrueTruetrue
1223206807SATAsyncLoader Search  truetruetrue

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