Account Schedule

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Page Name: Account Schedule
Page Number: 104
Page Type: Worksheet

Source Table Name: Acc. Schedule Line
Source Table Number: 85

Show/hide columns in the Account Schedule page

Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
0477189975CurrentSchedName Search  truetruetrue
1403817299Row No. Search3Row No. SearchtrueTruetrue
2964459622Description Search4Description SearchtrueTruetrue
31127965734Totaling Type Search6Totaling Type SearchtrueTruetrue

Available options are:

  • “Posting Accounts”
  • “Total Accounts”
  • “Formula”
  • “Set Base For Percent”
  • “Cost Type”
  • “Cost Type Total”
  • “Cash Flow Entry Accounts”
  • “Cash Flow Total Accounts”
  • “Account Category”
  • “Statistical Account”

4651896414Totaling Search  truetruetrue
51845710950Row Type Search27Row Type SearchtrueTruetrue

Available options are:

  • “Net Change”
  • “Balance at Date”
  • “Beginning Balance”

6697625052Amount Type Search28Amount Type SearchtrueTruetrue

Available options are:

  • “Net Amount”
  • “Debit Amount”
  • “Credit Amount”

72042881227Show Opposite Sign Search26Show Opposite Sign SearchtrueTruetrue
8960240691Dimension 1 Totaling Search19Dimension 1 Totaling SearchtrueTruefalse
9991535936Dimension 2 Totaling Search20Dimension 2 Totaling SearchtrueTruefalse
101611200785Dimension 3 Totaling Search21Dimension 3 Totaling SearchtrueTruefalse
11906497190Dimension 4 Totaling Search22Dimension 4 Totaling SearchtrueTruefalse
121754168053Show Search16Show SearchtrueTruetrue

Available options are:

  • “Yes”
  • “No”
  • “If Any Column Not Zero”
  • “When Positive Balance”
  • “When Negative Balance”

131544360429Bold Search23Bold SearchtrueTruetrue
14873640654Italic Search24Italic SearchtrueTruetrue
15129893854Underline Search25Underline SearchtrueTruetrue
162097275579Double Underline Search30Double Underline SearchtrueTruefalse
17524478857New Page Search7New Page SearchtrueTruetrue
18381153593HideCurrencySymbol Search40Hide Currency Symbol SearchtrueTruefalse

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