Account Schedule Chart List

Dynamics 365 BC Table ReferencePagesAAccount Schedule Chart List

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Page Name: Account Schedule Chart List
Page Number: 767
Page Type: List

Source Table Name: Account Schedules Chart Setup
Source Table Number: 762

Show/hide columns in the Account Schedule Chart List page

Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01248413537User ID Search1User ID SearchtrueFalsefalse
1430972252Name Search2Name SearchtrueTruetrue
21679064656Account Schedule Name Search10Account Schedule Name SearchtrueTruefalse
31599562976Column Layout Name Search20Column Layout Name SearchtrueTruefalse
4322420983Base X-Axis on Search30Base X-Axis on SearchtrueTruefalse

Available options are:

  • “Period”
  • “Acc. Sched. Line”
  • “Acc. Sched. Column”

51610376817Start Date Search31Start Date SearchtrueTruetrue
6713476288End Date Search32End Date SearchtrueTruetrue
71694388962Period Length Search41Period Length SearchtrueTruefalse

Available options are:

  • “Day”
  • “Week”
  • “Month”
  • “Quarter”
  • “Year”

81933869139No. of Periods Search42No. of Periods SearchtrueTruefalse
91582905589Description Search3Description SearchtrueTruetrue
Dynamics 365 BC Table ReferencePagesAAccount Schedule Chart List

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