Account Manager Activities

Dynamics 365 BC Table ReferencePagesAAccount Manager Activities

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Page Name: Account Manager Activities
Page Number: 9030
Page Type: CardPart

Source Table Name: Finance Cue
Source Table Number: 9054

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Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01596809639Overdue Sales Documents Search2Overdue Sales Documents SearchtrueTruetrue
11414475027Purchase Documents Due Today Search3Purchase Documents Due Today SearchtrueTruetrue
2765042789POs Pending Approval Search4POs Pending Approval SearchtrueTruetrue
3709976696SOs Pending Approval Search5SOs Pending Approval SearchtrueTruetrue
4495264623Non-Applied Payments Search29Non-Applied Payments SearchtrueTruetrue
5868989544Bank Deposits to Post Search10150Bank Deposits to Post SearchtrueTruetrue
61239086849New Incoming Documents Search22New Incoming Documents SearchtrueTruetrue
7826259074Approved Incoming Documents Search23Approved Incoming Documents SearchtrueTruetrue
8676242548OCR Completed Search25OCR Completed SearchtrueTruetrue
Dynamics 365 BC Table ReferencePagesAAccount Manager Activities

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