Abs. Overview by Period Matrix

Dynamics 365 BC Table ReferencePagesAAbs. Overview by Period Matrix

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Page Name: Abs. Overview by Period Matrix
Page Number: 9247
Page Type: List

Source Table Name: Employee
Source Table Number: 5200

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Seq.Control IDControl NameField No.Field NameEnabledEditableVisible
01292059458No. Search1No. SearchtrueTruetrue
12002489863Full Name Search  trueFalsetrue
21800617162Field1 Search  truetruetrue
31856653517Field2 Search  truetruetrue
41218956900Field3 Search  truetruetrue
5581260283Field4 Search  truetruetrue
656436334Field5 Search  truetruetrue
7694132951Field6 Search  truetruetrue
81331829568Field7 Search  truetruetrue
9356314905Field8 Search  truetruetrue
10994011522Field9 Search  truetruetrue
111176970890Field10 Search  truetruetrue
12539274273Field11 Search  truetruetrue
131842603172Field12 Search  truetruetrue
141814667507Field13 Search  truetruetrue
15567209938Field14 Search  truetruetrue
161204906555Field15 Search  truetruetrue
17708183296Field16 Search  truetruetrue
1870486679Field17 Search  truetruetrue
19370365250Field18 Search  truetruetrue
20267331367Field19 Search  truetruetrue
211432714811Field20 Search  truetruetrue
222070411428Field21 Search  truetruetrue
23157321577Field22 Search  truetruetrue
24795018194Field23 Search  truetruetrue
25311466017Field24 Search  truetruetrue
26326230600Field25 Search  truetruetrue
271586859251Field26 Search  truetruetrue
28949162634Field27 Search  truetruetrue
292055646845Field28 Search  truetruetrue
301417950228Field29 Search  truetruetrue
31640702348Field30 Search  truetruetrue
323005731Field31 Search  truetruetrue
33634690886Field32 Search  truetruetrue
Dynamics 365 BC Table ReferencePagesAAbs. Overview by Period Matrix

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