Purchases & Payables Setup

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Table Type: Company

Table Name: Purchases & Payables Setup
Database Table Name: CRONUS UK Ltd_$Purchases & Payables Setup$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972

Table Number: 312

Due to how Dynamics BC tables and columns are named, square brackets need to be wrapped around the table name and column names. Below are example queries showing how Purchases & Payables Setup can be queried.

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   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Purchases & Payables Setup$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972]

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   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Purchases & Payables Setup$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972]

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Column IDColumn NameData Type
1timestamp Searchtimestamp
2Primary Key Primary Key Searchnvarchar(20)
3Discount Posting Searchint
4Receipt on Invoice Searchtinyint
5Invoice Rounding Searchtinyint
6Ext_ Doc_ No_ Mandatory Searchtinyint
7Vendor Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
8Quote Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
9Order Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
10Invoice Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
11Posted Invoice Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
12Credit Memo Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
13Posted Credit Memo Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
14Posted Receipt Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
15Blanket Order Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
16Calc_ Inv_ Discount Searchtinyint
17Appln_ between Currencies Searchint
18Copy Comments Blanket to Order Searchtinyint
19Copy Comments Order to Invoice Searchtinyint
20Copy Comments Order to Receipt Searchtinyint
21Allow VAT Difference Searchtinyint
22Calc_ Inv_ Disc_ per VAT ID Searchtinyint
23Posted Prepmt_ Inv_ Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
24Posted Prepmt_ Cr_ Memo Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
25Check Prepmt_ when Posting Searchtinyint
26Prepmt_ Auto Update Frequency Searchint
27Default Posting Date Searchint
28Default Qty_ to Receive Searchint
29Archive Quotes and Orders Searchtinyint
30Post with Job Queue Searchtinyint
31Job Queue Category Code Searchnvarchar(20)
32Job Queue Priority for Post Searchint
33Post & Print with Job Queue Searchtinyint
34Job Q_ Prio_ for Post & Print Searchint
35Notify On Success Searchtinyint
36Allow Document Deletion Before Searchdatetime
37Report Output Type Searchint
38Document Default Line Type Searchint
39Archive Quotes Searchint
40Archive Orders Searchtinyint
41Archive Blanket Orders Searchtinyint
42Archive Return Orders Searchtinyint
43Ignore Updated Addresses Searchtinyint
44Create Item from Item No_ Searchtinyint
45Copy Vendor Name to Entries Searchtinyint
46Copy Inv_ No_ To Pmt_ Ref_ Searchtinyint
47Disable Search by Name Searchtinyint
48Insert Std_ Purch_ Lines Mode Searchint
49Insert Std_ Lines on Quotes Searchtinyint
50Insert Std_ Lines on Orders Searchtinyint
51Insert Std_ Lines on Invoices Searchtinyint
52Insert Std_ Lines on Cr_ Memos Searchtinyint
53Allow Multiple Posting Groups Searchtinyint
54P_ Invoice Template Name Searchnvarchar(20)
55P_ Cr_ Memo Template Name Searchnvarchar(20)
56P_ Prep_ Inv_ Template Name Searchnvarchar(20)
57P_ Prep_ Cr_Memo Template Name Searchnvarchar(20)
58IC Purch_ Invoice Templ_ Name Searchnvarchar(20)
59IC Purch_ Cr_ Memo Templ_ Name Searchnvarchar(20)
60Copy Line Descr_ to G_L Entry Searchtinyint
61Invoice Posting Setup Searchint
62Debit Acc_ for Non-Item Lines Searchnvarchar(40)
63Credit Acc_ for Non-Item Lines Searchnvarchar(40)
64Posted Return Shpt_ Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
65Copy Cmts Ret_Ord_ to Ret_Shpt Searchtinyint
66Copy Cmts Ret_Ord_ to Cr_ Memo Searchtinyint
67Return Order Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
68Return Shipment on Credit Memo Searchtinyint
69Exact Cost Reversing Mandatory Searchtinyint
70Price Calculation Method Searchint
71Price List Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
72Allow Editing Active Price Searchtinyint
73Default Price List Code Searchnvarchar(40)
74Posting Date Check on Posting Searchtinyint
75Reverse Charge VAT Posting Gr_ Searchnvarchar(40)
76Domestic Vendors Searchnvarchar(40)
77$systemId Searchuniqueidentifier
78$systemCreatedAt Searchdatetime
79$systemCreatedBy Searchuniqueidentifier
80$systemModifiedAt Searchdatetime
81$systemModifiedBy Searchuniqueidentifier

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