Payment Export Data

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Table Type: Company

Table Name: Payment Export Data
Database Table Name: CRONUS UK Ltd_$Payment Export Data$16319982-4995-4fb1-8fb2-2b1e13773e3b

Table Number: 1226

Due to how Dynamics BC tables and columns are named, square brackets need to be wrapped around the table name and column names. Below are example queries showing how Payment Export Data can be queried.

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   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Payment Export Data$16319982-4995-4fb1-8fb2-2b1e13773e3b]

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   ,[Entry No_]
   ,[AMC Recip_ Bank Acc_ Currency]
   ,[Data Exch Entry No_]
   ,[Line No_]
   ,[Data Exch_ Line Def Code]
   ,[General Journal Template]
   ,[General Journal Batch Name]
   ,[General Journal Line No_]
   ,[Sender Bank Name - Data Conv_]
   ,[Sender Bank Name]
   ,[Sender Bank Account Code]
   ,[Sender Bank Account No_]
   ,[Sender Bank Account Currency]
   ,[Sender Bank Country_Region]
   ,[Sender Bank BIC]
   ,[Sender Bank Clearing Std_]
   ,[Sender Bank Clearing Code]
   ,[Sender Bank Address]
   ,[Sender Bank City]
   ,[Sender Bank Post Code]
   ,[Recipient Name]
   ,[Recipient Address]
   ,[Recipient City]
   ,[Recipient Post Code]
   ,[Recipient Country_Region Code]
   ,[Recipient Email Address]
   ,[Recipient ID]
   ,[Recipient Bank Clearing Std_]
   ,[Recipient Bank Clearing Code]
   ,[Recipient Reg_ No_]
   ,[Recipient Acc_ No_]
   ,[Recipient Bank Acc_ No_]
   ,[Recipient Bank BIC]
   ,[Recipient Bank Name]
   ,[Recipient Bank Address]
   ,[Recipient Bank City]
   ,[Recipient Bank Country_Region]
   ,[Recipient Creditor No_]
   ,[Recipient Bank Post Code]
   ,[Message Type]
   ,[Letter to Sender]
   ,[Recipient Acknowledgement]
   ,[Short Advice]
   ,[Message to Recipient 1]
   ,[Message to Recipient 2]
   ,[Currency Code]
   ,[Transfer Date]
   ,[Transfer Type]
   ,[Payment Type]
   ,[Document No_]
   ,[Recipient Reference]
   ,[Payment Reference]
   ,[Invoice Amount]
   ,[Invoice Date]
   ,[Recipient County]
   ,[Recipient Bank County]
   ,[Sender Bank County]
   ,[Payment Information ID]
   ,[End-to-End ID]
   ,[Message ID]
   ,[SEPA Instruction Priority]
   ,[SEPA Instruction Priority Text]
   ,[SEPA Payment Method]
   ,[SEPA Payment Method Text]
   ,[SEPA Batch Booking]
   ,[SEPA Charge Bearer]
   ,[SEPA Charge Bearer Text]
   ,[SEPA Direct Debit Mandate ID]
   ,[SEPA Direct Debit Seq_ Type]
   ,[SEPA Direct Debit Seq_ Text]
   ,[SEPA DD Mandate Signed Date]
   ,[SEPA Partner Type]
   ,[SEPA Partner Type Text]
   ,[Importing Code]
   ,[Importing Date]
   ,[Importing Description]
   ,[Costs Distribution]
   ,[Message Structure]
   ,[Own Address Info_]
   ,[Creditor No_]
   ,[Transit No_]
   ,[Applies-to Ext_ Doc_ No_]
   ,[Format Command]
   ,[Format Remittance Info Type]
   ,[Format Payment Type]
   ,[Format Expense Code]
   ,[Format Text Code]
   ,[Format Form Type]
   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Payment Export Data$16319982-4995-4fb1-8fb2-2b1e13773e3b]

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   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Payment Export Data$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972] AS [Payment Export Data]
   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Currency$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972] AS [Currency]
         [Payment Export Data].[Currency Code] = [Currency].[Code]

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Column IDColumn NameData Type
1timestamp Searchtimestamp
2Entry No_ Primary Key Searchint
3AMC Recip_ Bank Acc_ Currency Searchnvarchar(20)
3Data Exch Entry No_ Searchint
4Line No_ Searchint
5Data Exch_ Line Def Code Searchnvarchar(40)
6General Journal Template Searchnvarchar(20)
7General Journal Batch Name Searchnvarchar(20)
8General Journal Line No_ Searchint
9Sender Bank Name – Data Conv_ Searchnvarchar(100)
10Sender Bank Name Searchnvarchar(200)
11Sender Bank Account Code Searchnvarchar(40)
12Sender Bank Account No_ Searchnvarchar(100)
13Sender Bank Account Currency Searchnvarchar(20)
14Sender Bank Country_Region Searchnvarchar(20)
15Sender Bank BIC Searchnvarchar(70)
16Sender Bank Clearing Std_ Searchnvarchar(100)
17Sender Bank Clearing Code Searchnvarchar(100)
18Sender Bank Address Searchnvarchar(200)
19Sender Bank City Searchnvarchar(100)
20Sender Bank Post Code Searchnvarchar(40)
21Recipient Name Searchnvarchar(200)
22Recipient Address Searchnvarchar(200)
23Recipient City Searchnvarchar(100)
24Recipient Post Code Searchnvarchar(40)
25Recipient Country_Region Code Searchnvarchar(20)
26Recipient Email Address Searchnvarchar(160)
27Recipient ID Searchnvarchar(40)
28Recipient Bank Clearing Std_ Searchnvarchar(100)
29Recipient Bank Clearing Code Searchnvarchar(100)
30Recipient Reg_ No_ Searchnvarchar(40)
31Recipient Acc_ No_ Searchnvarchar(60)
32Recipient Bank Acc_ No_ Searchnvarchar(100)
33Recipient Bank BIC Searchnvarchar(70)
34Recipient Bank Name Searchnvarchar(200)
35Recipient Bank Address Searchnvarchar(200)
36Recipient Bank City Searchnvarchar(100)
37Recipient Bank Country_Region Searchnvarchar(20)
38Recipient Creditor No_ Searchnvarchar(40)
39Recipient Bank Post Code Searchnvarchar(40)
40Message Type Searchnvarchar(2)
41Letter to Sender Searchnvarchar(2)
42Recipient Acknowledgement Searchnvarchar(2)
43Short Advice Searchnvarchar(70)
44Message to Recipient 1 Searchnvarchar(280)
45Message to Recipient 2 Searchnvarchar(280)
46Amount Searchdecimal(38,38)
47Currency Code Searchnvarchar(20)
Key to join to the Currency table.

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       [Payment Export Data].[Currency Code]
       [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Payment Export Data$16319982-4995-4fb1-8fb2-2b1e13773e3b] AS [Payment Export Data]
       [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Currency$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972] AS [Currency]
                     [Payment Export Data].[Currency Code] = [Currency].[Code]
48Transfer Date Searchdatetime
49Transfer Type Searchnvarchar(2)
50Payment Type Searchnvarchar(100)
51Document No_ Searchnvarchar(40)
52Recipient Reference Searchnvarchar(70)
53Payment Reference Searchnvarchar(100)
54Invoice Amount Searchdecimal(38,38)
55Invoice Date Searchdatetime
56Recipient County Searchnvarchar(60)
57Recipient Bank County Searchnvarchar(60)
58Sender Bank County Searchnvarchar(60)
59Payment Information ID Searchnvarchar(100)
60End-to-End ID Searchnvarchar(100)
61Message ID Searchnvarchar(70)
62SEPA Instruction Priority Searchint
63SEPA Instruction Priority Text Searchnvarchar(8)
64SEPA Payment Method Searchint
65SEPA Payment Method Text Searchnvarchar(6)
66SEPA Batch Booking Searchtinyint
67SEPA Charge Bearer Searchint
68SEPA Charge Bearer Text Searchnvarchar(8)
69SEPA Direct Debit Mandate ID Searchnvarchar(70)
70SEPA Direct Debit Seq_ Type Searchint
71SEPA Direct Debit Seq_ Text Searchnvarchar(8)
72SEPA DD Mandate Signed Date Searchdatetime
73SEPA Partner Type Searchint
74SEPA Partner Type Text Searchnvarchar(8)
75Importing Code Searchnvarchar(20)
76Importing Date Searchdatetime
77Importing Description Searchnvarchar(500)
78Costs Distribution Searchnvarchar(60)
79Message Structure Searchnvarchar(60)
80Own Address Info_ Searchnvarchar(60)
81Creditor No_ Searchnvarchar(70)
82Transit No_ Searchnvarchar(70)
83Applies-to Ext_ Doc_ No_ Searchnvarchar(70)
84Format Command Searchnvarchar(8)
85Format Remittance Info Type Searchnvarchar(2)
86Format Payment Type Searchnvarchar(4)
87Format Expense Code Searchnvarchar(2)
88Format Text Code Searchnvarchar(6)
89Format Form Type Searchnvarchar(4)
90$systemId Searchuniqueidentifier
91$systemCreatedAt Searchdatetime
92$systemCreatedBy Searchuniqueidentifier
93$systemModifiedAt Searchdatetime
94$systemModifiedBy Searchuniqueidentifier

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