Marketing Setup

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Table Type: Company

Table Name: Marketing Setup
Database Table Name: CRONUS UK Ltd_$Marketing Setup$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972

Table Number: 5079

Due to how Dynamics BC tables and columns are named, square brackets need to be wrapped around the table name and column names. Below are example queries showing how Marketing Setup can be queried.

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   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Marketing Setup$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972]

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   ,[Primary Key]
   ,[Contact Nos_]
   ,[Campaign Nos_]
   ,[Segment Nos_]
   ,[To-do Nos_]
   ,[Opportunity Nos_]
   ,[Bus_ Rel_ Code for Customers]
   ,[Bus_ Rel_ Code for Vendors]
   ,[Bus_ Rel_ Code for Bank Accs_]
   ,[Bus_ Rel_ Code for Employees]
   ,[Inherit Salesperson Code]
   ,[Inherit Territory Code]
   ,[Inherit Country_Region Code]
   ,[Inherit Language Code]
   ,[Inherit Address Details]
   ,[Inherit Communication Details]
   ,[Default Salesperson Code]
   ,[Default Territory Code]
   ,[Default Country_Region Code]
   ,[Default Language Code]
   ,[Default Sales Cycle Code]
   ,[Attachment Storage Type]
   ,[Attachment Storage Location]
   ,[Autosearch for Duplicates]
   ,[Search Hit _]
   ,[Maintain Dupl_ Search Strings]
   ,[Mergefield Language ID]
   ,[Def_ Company Salutation Code]
   ,[Default Person Salutation Code]
   ,[Default Correspondence Type]
   ,[Queue Folder Path]
   ,[Queue Folder UID]
   ,[Storage Folder Path]
   ,[Storage Folder UID]
   ,[Default To-do Date Calculation]
   ,[Autodiscovery E-Mail Address]
   ,[Email Batch Size]
   ,[Exchange Service URL]
   ,[Exchange Account User Name]
   ,[Exchange Account Password Key]
   ,[Sync with Microsoft Graph]
   ,[WebHook Run Notification As]
   ,[Cust_ Template Company Code]
   ,[Cust_ Template Person Code]
   ,[Exchange Tenant Id Key]
   ,[Exchange Client Id]
   ,[Exchange Client Secret Key]
   ,[Email Logging Enabled]
   ,[Exchange Redirect URL]
   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Marketing Setup$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972]

Show/hide columns in Marketing Setup table

Column IDColumn NameData Type
1timestamp Searchtimestamp
2Primary Key Primary Key Searchnvarchar(20)
3Contact Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
4Campaign Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
5Segment Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
6To-do Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
7Opportunity Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
8Bus_ Rel_ Code for Customers Searchnvarchar(20)
9Bus_ Rel_ Code for Vendors Searchnvarchar(20)
10Bus_ Rel_ Code for Bank Accs_ Searchnvarchar(20)
11Bus_ Rel_ Code for Employees Searchnvarchar(20)
12Inherit Salesperson Code Searchtinyint
13Inherit Territory Code Searchtinyint
14Inherit Country_Region Code Searchtinyint
15Inherit Language Code Searchtinyint
16Inherit Address Details Searchtinyint
17Inherit Communication Details Searchtinyint
18Default Salesperson Code Searchnvarchar(40)
19Default Territory Code Searchnvarchar(20)
20Default Country_Region Code Searchnvarchar(20)
21Default Language Code Searchnvarchar(20)
22Default Sales Cycle Code Searchnvarchar(20)
23Attachment Storage Type Searchint
24Attachment Storage Location Searchnvarchar(500)
25Autosearch for Duplicates Searchtinyint
26Search Hit _ Searchint
27Maintain Dupl_ Search Strings Searchtinyint
28Mergefield Language ID Searchint
29Def_ Company Salutation Code Searchnvarchar(20)
30Default Person Salutation Code Searchnvarchar(20)
31Default Correspondence Type Searchint
32Queue Folder Path Searchnvarchar(500)
33Queue Folder UID Searchimage
34Storage Folder Path Searchnvarchar(500)
35Storage Folder UID Searchimage
36Default To-do Date Calculation Searchvarchar(32)
37Autodiscovery E-Mail Address Searchnvarchar(500)
38Email Batch Size Searchint
39Exchange Service URL Searchnvarchar(500)
40Exchange Account User Name Searchnvarchar(500)
41Exchange Account Password Key Searchuniqueidentifier
42Sync with Microsoft Graph Searchtinyint
43WebHook Run Notification As Searchuniqueidentifier
44Cust_ Template Company Code Searchnvarchar(20)
45Cust_ Template Person Code Searchnvarchar(20)
46Exchange Tenant Id Key Searchuniqueidentifier
47Exchange Client Id Searchnvarchar(500)
48Exchange Client Secret Key Searchuniqueidentifier
49Email Logging Enabled Searchtinyint
50Exchange Redirect URL Searchnvarchar(4096)
51$systemId Searchuniqueidentifier
52$systemCreatedAt Searchdatetime
53$systemCreatedBy Searchuniqueidentifier
54$systemModifiedAt Searchdatetime
55$systemModifiedBy Searchuniqueidentifier

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