General Ledger Setup

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Table Type: Company

Table Name: General Ledger Setup
Database Table Name: CRONUS UK Ltd_$General Ledger Setup$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972

Table Number: 98

Due to how Dynamics BC tables and columns are named, square brackets need to be wrapped around the table name and column names. Below are example queries showing how General Ledger Setup can be queried.

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   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$General Ledger Setup$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972]

Show/hide an example select of all columns by name

   ,[Primary Key]
   ,[Allow Posting From]
   ,[Allow Posting To]
   ,[Register Time]
   ,[Allow Deferral Posting From]
   ,[Allow Deferral Posting To]
   ,[Pmt_ Disc_ Excl_ VAT]
   ,[Unrealized VAT]
   ,[Adjust for Payment Disc_]
   ,[Post with Job Queue]
   ,[Job Queue Category Code]
   ,[Job Queue Priority for Post]
   ,[Post & Print with Job Queue]
   ,[Job Q_ Prio_ for Post & Print]
   ,[Notify On Success]
   ,[Mark Cr_ Memos as Corrections]
   ,[Local Address Format]
   ,[Inv_ Rounding Precision (LCY)]
   ,[Inv_ Rounding Type (LCY)]
   ,[Local Cont_ Addr_ Format]
   ,[Report Output Type]
   ,[Bank Account Nos_]
   ,[Summarize G_L Entries]
   ,[Amount Decimal Places]
   ,[Unit-Amount Decimal Places]
   ,[Additional Reporting Currency]
   ,[VAT Tolerance _]
   ,[EMU Currency]
   ,[LCY Code]
   ,[VAT Exchange Rate Adjustment]
   ,[Amount Rounding Precision]
   ,[Unit-Amount Rounding Precision]
   ,[Appln_ Rounding Precision]
   ,[Global Dimension 1 Code]
   ,[Global Dimension 2 Code]
   ,[Shortcut Dimension 1 Code]
   ,[Shortcut Dimension 2 Code]
   ,[Shortcut Dimension 3 Code]
   ,[Shortcut Dimension 4 Code]
   ,[Shortcut Dimension 5 Code]
   ,[Shortcut Dimension 6 Code]
   ,[Shortcut Dimension 7 Code]
   ,[Shortcut Dimension 8 Code]
   ,[Max_ VAT Difference Allowed]
   ,[VAT Rounding Type]
   ,[Pmt_ Disc_ Tolerance Posting]
   ,[Payment Discount Grace Period]
   ,[Payment Tolerance _]
   ,[Max_ Payment Tolerance Amount]
   ,[Adapt Main Menu to Permissions]
   ,[Allow G_L Acc_ Deletion Before]
   ,[Check G_L Account Usage]
   ,[Payment Tolerance Posting]
   ,[Pmt_ Disc_ Tolerance Warning]
   ,[Payment Tolerance Warning]
   ,[Last IC Transaction No_]
   ,[Bill-to_Sell-to VAT Calc_]
   ,[Block Deletion of G_L Accounts]
   ,[Acc_ Sched_ for Balance Sheet]
   ,[Acc_ Sched_ for Income Stmt_]
   ,[Acc_ Sched_ for Cash Flow Stmt]
   ,[Acc_ Sched_ for Retained Earn_]
   ,[Tax Invoice Renaming Threshold]
   ,[Req_Country_Reg_ Code in Addr_]
   ,[Print VAT specification in LCY]
   ,[Prepayment Unrealized VAT]
   ,[Use Legacy G_L Entry Locking]
   ,[Payroll Trans_ Import Format]
   ,[VAT Reg_ No_ Validation URL]
   ,[Local Currency Symbol]
   ,[Local Currency Description]
   ,[Show Amounts]
   ,[Posting Preview Type]
   ,[SEPA Non-Euro Export]
   ,[SEPA Export w_o Bank Acc_ Data]
   ,[Journal Templ_ Name Mandatory]
   ,[Hide Payment Method Code]
   ,[Enable Data Check]
   ,[Apply Jnl_ Template Name]
   ,[Apply Jnl_ Batch Name]
   ,[Job WIP Jnl_ Template Name]
   ,[Job WIP Jnl_ Batch Name]
   ,[Adjust ARC Jnl_ Template Name]
   ,[Adjust ARC Jnl_ Batch Name]
   ,[Bank Acc_ Recon_ Template Name]
   ,[Bank Acc_ Recon_ Batch Name]
   ,[Threshold applies]
   ,[Threshold Amount]
   [CRONUS UK Ltd_$General Ledger Setup$437dbf0e-84ff-417a-965d-ed2bb9650972]

Show/hide columns in General Ledger Setup table

Column IDColumn NameData Type
1timestamp Searchtimestamp
2Primary Key Primary Key Searchnvarchar(20)
3Allow Posting From Searchdatetime
4Allow Posting To Searchdatetime
5Register Time Searchtinyint
6Allow Deferral Posting From Searchdatetime
7Allow Deferral Posting To Searchdatetime
8Pmt_ Disc_ Excl_ VAT Searchtinyint
9Unrealized VAT Searchtinyint
10Adjust for Payment Disc_ Searchtinyint
11Post with Job Queue Searchtinyint
12Job Queue Category Code Searchnvarchar(20)
13Job Queue Priority for Post Searchint
14Post & Print with Job Queue Searchtinyint
15Job Q_ Prio_ for Post & Print Searchint
16Notify On Success Searchtinyint
17Mark Cr_ Memos as Corrections Searchtinyint
18Local Address Format Searchint
19Inv_ Rounding Precision (LCY) Searchdecimal(38,38)
20Inv_ Rounding Type (LCY) Searchint
21Local Cont_ Addr_ Format Searchint
22Report Output Type Searchint
23Bank Account Nos_ Searchnvarchar(40)
24Summarize G_L Entries Searchtinyint
25Amount Decimal Places Searchnvarchar(10)
26Unit-Amount Decimal Places Searchnvarchar(10)
27Additional Reporting Currency Searchnvarchar(20)
28VAT Tolerance _ Searchdecimal(38,38)
29EMU Currency Searchtinyint
30LCY Code Searchnvarchar(20)
31VAT Exchange Rate Adjustment Searchint
32Amount Rounding Precision Searchdecimal(38,38)
33Unit-Amount Rounding Precision Searchdecimal(38,38)
34Appln_ Rounding Precision Searchdecimal(38,38)
35Global Dimension 1 Code Searchnvarchar(40)
36Global Dimension 2 Code Searchnvarchar(40)
37Shortcut Dimension 1 Code Searchnvarchar(40)
38Shortcut Dimension 2 Code Searchnvarchar(40)
39Shortcut Dimension 3 Code Searchnvarchar(40)
40Shortcut Dimension 4 Code Searchnvarchar(40)
41Shortcut Dimension 5 Code Searchnvarchar(40)
42Shortcut Dimension 6 Code Searchnvarchar(40)
43Shortcut Dimension 7 Code Searchnvarchar(40)
44Shortcut Dimension 8 Code Searchnvarchar(40)
45Max_ VAT Difference Allowed Searchdecimal(38,38)
46VAT Rounding Type Searchint
47Pmt_ Disc_ Tolerance Posting Searchint
48Payment Discount Grace Period Searchvarchar(32)
49Payment Tolerance _ Searchdecimal(38,38)
50Max_ Payment Tolerance Amount Searchdecimal(38,38)
51Adapt Main Menu to Permissions Searchtinyint
52Allow G_L Acc_ Deletion Before Searchdatetime
53Check G_L Account Usage Searchtinyint
54Payment Tolerance Posting Searchint
55Pmt_ Disc_ Tolerance Warning Searchtinyint
56Payment Tolerance Warning Searchtinyint
57Last IC Transaction No_ Searchint
58Bill-to_Sell-to VAT Calc_ Searchint
59Block Deletion of G_L Accounts Searchtinyint
60Acc_ Sched_ for Balance Sheet Searchnvarchar(20)
61Acc_ Sched_ for Income Stmt_ Searchnvarchar(20)
62Acc_ Sched_ for Cash Flow Stmt Searchnvarchar(20)
63Acc_ Sched_ for Retained Earn_ Searchnvarchar(20)
64Tax Invoice Renaming Threshold Searchdecimal(38,38)
65Req_Country_Reg_ Code in Addr_ Searchtinyint
66Print VAT specification in LCY Searchtinyint
67Prepayment Unrealized VAT Searchtinyint
68Use Legacy G_L Entry Locking Searchtinyint
69Payroll Trans_ Import Format Searchnvarchar(40)
70VAT Reg_ No_ Validation URL Searchnvarchar(500)
71Local Currency Symbol Searchnvarchar(20)
72Local Currency Description Searchnvarchar(120)
73Show Amounts Searchint
74Posting Preview Type Searchint
75SEPA Non-Euro Export Searchtinyint
76SEPA Export w_o Bank Acc_ Data Searchtinyint
77Journal Templ_ Name Mandatory Searchtinyint
78Hide Payment Method Code Searchtinyint
79Enable Data Check Searchtinyint
80Apply Jnl_ Template Name Searchnvarchar(20)
81Apply Jnl_ Batch Name Searchnvarchar(20)
82Job WIP Jnl_ Template Name Searchnvarchar(20)
83Job WIP Jnl_ Batch Name Searchnvarchar(20)
84Adjust ARC Jnl_ Template Name Searchnvarchar(20)
85Adjust ARC Jnl_ Batch Name Searchnvarchar(20)
86Bank Acc_ Recon_ Template Name Searchnvarchar(20)
87Bank Acc_ Recon_ Batch Name Searchnvarchar(20)
88Threshold applies Searchtinyint
89Threshold Amount Searchdecimal(38,38)
90$systemId Searchuniqueidentifier
91$systemCreatedAt Searchdatetime
92$systemCreatedBy Searchuniqueidentifier
93$systemModifiedAt Searchdatetime
94$systemModifiedBy Searchuniqueidentifier

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