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SELECT p.ID ,p.Name ,pc.ControlName ,post.post_name FROM azrcrv_PageControls AS pc INNER JOIN azrcrv_Pages AS p ON p.ID = pc.PageNo INNER JOIN bct_posts AS post ON post.post_title = p.Name WHERE pc.ControlName = 'PostingDate' ORDER BY p.ID ,pc.ControlName
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Pages with controls equal to POSTINGDATE

Seq NoPage NumberPage NameControl Name
1579Post ApplicationPostingDate Search
2591Payment Tolerance WarningPostingDate Search
3599Payment Disc Tolerance WarningPostingDate Search
41014Job Transfer Job Planning LinePostingDate Search
51702Deferral SchedulePostingDate Search
61808Data Migration WizardPostingDate Search
72634Statistical Ledger Entry ListPostingDate Search
82674Allocation Account PreviewPostingDate Search
92678Redistribute Acc. AllocationsPostingDate Search
105510Production JournalPostingDate Search
116402Sales Document EntitypostingDate Search
126403Sales Document Line EntitypostingDate Search
136404Purchase Document EntitypostingDate Search
146407Gen. Journal Line EntitypostingDate Search
159970Posted Sales Invoice APIpostingDate Search
169971Posted Purchase Invoice APIpostingDate Search
1720012APIV1 – Sales InvoicespostingDate Search
1820018APIV1 – G/L EntriespostingDate Search
1920028APIV1 – Sales OrderspostingDate Search
2020037APIV1 – Sales QuotespostingDate Search
2120038APIV1 – Sales Credit MemospostingDate Search
2220042APIV1 – Purchase InvoicespostingDate Search
2320049APIV1 – JournalLinespostingDate Search
2420058APIV1 – Customer PaymentspostingDate Search
2530012APIV2 – Sales InvoicespostingDate Search
2630018APIV2 – G/L EntriespostingDate Search
2730028APIV2 – Sales OrderspostingDate Search
2830037APIV2 – Sales QuotespostingDate Search
2930038APIV2 – Sales Credit MemospostingDate Search
3030042APIV2 – Purchase InvoicespostingDate Search
3130049APIV2 – JournalLinespostingDate Search
3230055APIV2 – Customer PaymentspostingDate Search
3330060APIV2 – Vendor PaymentspostingDate Search
3430062APIV2 – Sales ShipmentspostingDate Search
3530064APIV2 – Purchase ReceiptspostingDate Search
3630066APIV2 – Purchase OrderspostingDate Search
3730069APIV2 – Item Ledger EntriespostingDate Search
3830073APIV2 – Apply Vendor EntriespostingDate Search
3930083APIV2 – Purchase Credit MemospostingDate Search
4030400API – Handled IC Inbox Trans.postingDate Search
4130411API – IC Inbox TransactionspostingDate Search
4230420API Buf IC Inbox Purch HeaderpostingDate Search
4330421API Buf IC Inbox Sales HeaderpostingDate Search
4430423API Buf IC Inbox TransactionpostingDate Search
4599000882Change Status on Prod. OrderPostingDate Search