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SELECT p.ID ,p.Name ,pc.ControlName ,post.post_name FROM azrcrv_PageControls AS pc INNER JOIN azrcrv_Pages AS p ON p.ID = pc.PageNo INNER JOIN bct_posts AS post ON post.post_title = p.Name WHERE pc.ControlName = 'PeriodType' ORDER BY p.ID ,pc.ControlName
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Pages with controls equal to PERIODTYPE

Seq NoPage NumberPage NameControl Name
1113BudgetPeriodType Search
2154G/L Account Balance/BudgetPeriodType Search
3155Customer SalesPeriodType Search
4156Vendor PurchasesPeriodType Search
5157Item Availability by PeriodsPeriodType Search
6158Item TurnoverPeriodType Search
7159Receivables-PayablesPeriodType Search
8213Resource CapacityPeriodType Search
9214Res. Group CapacityPeriodType Search
10221Resource Allocated per JobPeriodType Search
11225Resource AvailabilityPeriodType Search
12226Res. Group AvailabilityPeriodType Search
13228Res. Gr. Allocated per JobPeriodType Search
14377Bank Account BalancePeriodType Search
15408G/L Balance by DimensionPeriodType Search
16414G/L BalancePeriodType Search
17415G/L Account BalancePeriodType Search
18422G/L Balance/BudgetPeriodType Search
19490Acc. Schedule OverviewPeriodType Search
20520Item Availability by Lot No.PeriodType Search
21554Analysis by DimensionsPeriodType Search
22867CF Availability by PeriodsPeriodType Search
231110Cost Type BalancePeriodType Search
241117Cost Budget per PeriodPeriodType Search
251118Cost Budget by Cost CenterPeriodType Search
261119Cost Budget by Cost ObjectPeriodType Search
271120Cost Type Balance/BudgetPeriodType Search
282623Stat. Account BalancePeriodType Search
295099TasksPeriodType Search
305131OpportunitiesPeriodType Search
315225Absence Overview by PeriodsPeriodType Search
325226Empl. Absences by CategoriesPeriodType Search
335231Absence Overview by CategoriesPeriodType Search
345260G/L Account MappingPeriodType Search
355261G/L Account Mapping CardPeriodType Search
365414Item Availability by VariantPeriodType Search
375416Item Availability by UOMPeriodType Search
385530Item Availability by EventPeriodType Search
395622Total Value Insured per FAPeriodType Search
405662FA Posting Types OverviewPeriodType Search
415983Service Item TrendscapePeriodType Search
426004Res. Availability (Service)PeriodType Search
436006Res. Availability – OverviewPeriodType Search
446008Res. Alloc. per Service OrderPeriodType Search
456009Res. Gr. Alloc. per Serv OrderPeriodType Search
466010Res.Gr. Availability (Service)PeriodType Search
476011Res.Gr.Availability – OverviewPeriodType Search
486060Contract TrendscapePeriodType Search
496066Contract Gain/Loss (Groups)PeriodType Search
506067Contract Gain/Loss (Customers)PeriodType Search
516068Contract Gain/Loss (Reasons)PeriodType Search
526069Contract Gain/Loss (Resp.Ctr)PeriodType Search
536071Contract Gain/Loss (Contracts)PeriodType Search
547117Sales Analysis ReportPeriodType Search
557118Purchase Analysis ReportPeriodType Search
567119Inventory Analysis ReportPeriodType Search
577138Purchase Budget OverviewPeriodType Search
587139Sales Budget OverviewPeriodType Search
597157Purch. Analysis by DimensionsPeriodType Search
607158Sales Analysis by DimensionsPeriodType Search
617159Invt. Analysis by DimensionsPeriodType Search
6299000769Work Center CalendarPeriodType Search
6399000770Machine Center CalendarPeriodType Search
6499000771Work Ctr. Group CalendarPeriodType Search
6599000887Work Center LoadPeriodType Search
6699000889Machine Center LoadPeriodType Search
6799000891Work Center Group LoadPeriodType Search