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SELECT p.ID ,p.Name ,pc.ControlName ,post.post_name FROM azrcrv_PageControls AS pc INNER JOIN azrcrv_Pages AS p ON p.ID = pc.PageNo INNER JOIN bct_posts AS post ON post.post_title = p.Name WHERE pc.ControlName = 'Name' ORDER BY p.ID ,pc.ControlName
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Seq NoPage NumberPage NameControl Name
11Company InformationName Search
21Company InformationName Search
39LanguagesName Search
410Countries/RegionsName Search
514Salespersons/PurchasersName Search
615Location ListName Search
716Chart of AccountsName Search
817G/L Account CardName Search
918G/L Account ListName Search
1021Customer CardName Search
1122Customer ListName Search
1226Vendor CardName Search
1327Vendor ListName Search
1433Customer LookupName Search
1534Vendor LookupName Search
1672Resource GroupsName Search
1776Resource CardName Search
1877Resource ListName Search
1980Country/Region TranslationsName Search
20100Accounting PeriodsName Search
21101General Journal TemplatesName Search
22102Item Journal TemplatesName Search
23103Account Schedule NamesName Search
24108Financial ReportsName Search
25121G/L Budget NamesName Search
26185Posted General Journal BatchName Search
27193Incoming Doc. Attach. FactBoxName Search
28194Incoming Document AttachmentsName Search
29200Job Journal TemplatesName Search
30206Resource Journal TemplatesName Search
31240Business Unit ListName Search
32241Business Unit CardName Search
33242Consolidate WizardName Search
34244Company SelectorName Search
35250General Journal Template ListName Search
36251General Journal BatchesName Search
37261Item Journal Template ListName Search
38262Item Journal BatchesName Search
39270Online Bank AccountsName Search
40271Res. Journal Template ListName Search
41272Resource Jnl. BatchesName Search
42275Job Journal Template ListName Search
43276Job Journal BatchesName Search
44292Req. Worksheet Template ListName Search
45293Req. Worksheet TemplatesName Search
46295Req. Wksh. NamesName Search
47300Ship-to AddressName Search
48300Ship-to AddressName Search
49301Ship-to Address ListName Search
50311Intrastat JournalName Search
51316Allocation PoliciesName Search
52318VAT Statement TemplatesName Search
53319VAT Statement Template ListName Search
54320VAT Statement NamesName Search
55324Reservation Wksh. Batch CardName Search
56325Intrastat Journal TemplatesName Search
57326Intrastat Jnl. Template ListName Search
58327Intrastat Jnl. BatchesName Search
59329Reservation Wksh. BatchesName Search
60345ReconciliationName Search
61368Order AddressName Search
62368Order AddressName Search
63369Order Address ListName Search
64370Bank Account CardName Search
65371Bank Account ListName Search
66414G/L BalanceName Search
67422G/L Balance/BudgetName Search
68423Customer Bank Account CardName Search
69424Customer Bank Account ListName Search
70425Vendor Bank Account CardName Search
71426Vendor Bank Account ListName Search
72428Shipping AgentsName Search
73429TerritoriesName Search
74434ReminderName Search
75436Reminder ListName Search
76438Issued ReminderName Search
77440Issued Reminder ListName Search
78446Finance Charge MemoName Search
79448Finance Charge Memo ListName Search
80450Issued Finance Charge MemoName Search
81452Issued Fin. Charge Memo ListName Search
82488Column Layout NamesName Search
83515Item Avail. by Location LinesName Search
84535Windows LanguagesName Search
85536DimensionsName Search
86537Dimension ValuesName Search
87548Dimension ListName Search
88555Analysis View CardName Search
89556Analysis View ListName Search
90560Dimension Value ListName Search
91569Chart of Accs. (Analysis View)Name Search
92570Chart of Accounts (G/L)Name Search
93580Dimension TranslationsName Search
94600IC DimensionsName Search
95601IC Dimension ValuesName Search
96602IC Dimension ListName Search
97603IC Dimension Value ListName Search
98605IC Chart of AccountsName Search
99606IC G/L Account CardName Search
100607IC G/L Account ListName Search
101608IC Partner ListName Search
102609IC Partner CardName Search
103622IC Partners List PartName Search
104634Chart of Accounts OverviewName Search
105697IC Bank Account ListName Search
106698IC Bank Account CardName Search
107703Merge Duplicate SubformName Search
108705IC Dimensions SelectorName Search
109706IC Dim Values SelectorName Search
110763Account Schedules Chart SetupName Search
111763Account Schedules Chart SetupName Search
112767Account Schedule Chart ListName Search
113775Analysis Report Chart SetupName Search
114775Analysis Report Chart SetupName Search
115779Analysis Report Chart ListName Search
116791G/L Accounts ListPartName Search
117804Online Map Parameter SetupName Search
118804Online Map Parameter SetupName Search
119823Name/Value LookupName Search
120851Chart of Cash Flow AccountsName Search
121855Cash Flow Account ListName Search
122862Cash Flow Account CardName Search
123981Payment RegistrationName Search
124983Payment Registration DetailsName Search
1251060Payment ServicesName Search
1261061Select Payment ServiceName Search
1271062Select Payment Service TypeName Search
1281070MS – PayPal Standard SetupName Search
1291071MS – PayPal Standard TemplateName Search
1301071MS – PayPal Standard TemplateName Search
1311073MS – PayPal Standard AccountsName Search
1321100Chart of Cost TypesName Search
1331101Cost Type CardName Search
1341107Cost Journal TemplatesName Search
1351111Cost Center CardName Search
1361112Cost Object CardName Search
1371116Cost Budget NamesName Search
1381120Cost Type Balance/BudgetName Search
1391122Chart of Cost CentersName Search
1401123Chart of Cost ObjectsName Search
1411124Cost Type ListName Search
1421130Cost Type Balance MatrixName Search
1431131Cost Budget per Period MatrixName Search
1441132Cost Bdgt. per Center MatrixName Search
1451133Cost Bdgt. per Object MatrixName Search
1461135Cost Journal BatchesName Search
1471152COHUB Company SummaryName Search
1481153COHUB Company Short SummaryName Search
1491158Cash Account BalancesName Search
1501165COHUB Enviroment CardName Search
1511166COHUB Enviroment ListName Search
1521173Document Attachment DetailsName Search
1531200Bank Export/Import SetupName Search
1541200Bank Export/Import SetupName Search
1551210Data Exch Def CardName Search
1561211Data Exch Def ListName Search
1571212Data Exch Line Def CardName Search
1581214Data Exch Mapping CardName Search
1591215Data Exch Line Def PartName Search
1601216Data Exch Col Def PartName Search
1611219Data Exch Mapping PartName Search
1621221Bank Statement Line DetailsName Search
1631227Pmt. Export Line DefinitionsName Search
1641240SWIFT CodesName Search
1651262Certificate ListName Search
1661263CertificateName Search
1671266Select SourceName Search
1681271OCR Service Document TemplatesName Search
1691278Service Connections PartName Search
1701279Service ConnectionsName Search
1711282Payment Bank Account ListName Search
1721283Payment Bank Account CardName Search
1731327Adjust InventoryName Search
1741360MS – WorldPay Standard SetupName Search
1751361MS – WorldPay Std. TemplateName Search
1761361MS – WorldPay Std. TemplateName Search
1771431Forward LinksName Search
1781439Headline DetailsName Search
1791439Headline DetailsName Search
1801518My NotificationsName Search
1811518My NotificationsName Search
1821535Dynamic Request Page EntitiesName Search
1831560Report SettingsName Search
1841561Pick ReportName Search
1851600Outlook Mail EngineName Search
1861610Office Add-in ManagementName Search
1871625Office Contact AssociationsName Search
1881625Office Contact AssociationsName Search
1891626Office OCR Incoming DocumentsName Search
1901630Office Contact Details DlgName Search
1911800Configuration Package FilesName Search
1921801Assisted SetupName Search
1931801Assisted SetupName Search
1941803Assisted Company Setup WizardName Search
1951826Company Consolidation WizardName Search
1961831Outlook Centralized DeploymentName Search
1971871Credit Limit DetailsName Search
1981875Manual SetupName Search
1991911MigrationQB AccountTableName Search
2001916MigrationQB ItemTableName Search
2011991App Setup ListName Search
2021997Checklist ResurfacingName Search
2032021Office AttachmentsName Search
2042100O365 Sales Year SummaryName Search
2052101O365 Customer Activity PageName Search
2062105O365 Monthly Customer ListpartName Search
2072107O365 Sales Customer CardName Search
2082108O365 Outstanding Customer ListName Search
2092116O365 Customer LookupName Search
2102122O365 Incoming Doc. Attch. ListName Search
2112130O365 Business Info SettingsName Search
2122151O365 Tax Area ListName Search
2132152O365 Country/Region ListName Search
2142158O365 Brand ColorsName Search
2152162O365 Social NetworksName Search
2162168O365 Sales Year Summary CardName Search
2172179O365 Contact LookupName Search
2182182O365 Excel ColumnsName Search
2192195O365 Country/Region CardName Search
2202306BC O365 Cust. Stats FactBoxName Search
2212316BC O365 Customer ListName Search
2222318BC O365 Sales Customer CardName Search
2232322BC O365 Inc. Doc. Attch. ListName Search
2242330BC O365 Business Info SettingsName Search
2252352BC O365 Country/Region ListName Search
2262368Remit AddressName Search
2272368Remit AddressName Search
2282369Remit Address ListName Search
2292379BC O365 Contact LookupName Search
2302500Extension ManagementName Search
2312501Extension DetailsName Search
2322504Extension Details PartName Search
2332508Extension Deployment StatusName Search
2342513Extn. Orphaned App DetailsName Search
2352514Delete Orphaned Extension DataName Search
2362587Dim Corr Values OverviewName Search
2372630Statistical Acc. Journal BatchName Search
2382630Statistical Acc. Journal BatchName Search
2392631Statistical Account CardName Search
2402632Statistical Account ListName Search
2412670Allocation AccountName Search
2422670Allocation AccountName Search
2432673Allocation Account ListName Search
2442750Universal Printer SettingsName Search
2452750Universal Printer SettingsName Search
2462753Universal Print Shares ListName Search
2472901Demand Forecast CardName Search
2483731Product Video TopicsName Search
2494005Hybrid CompaniesName Search
2504018Hybrid Companies ManagementName Search
2514021GP Migration Settings ListName Search
2524051GP Company Add. Settings ListName Search
2534090GP AccountName Search
2544090GP AccountName Search
2554750Recommended Apps ListName Search
2564751Recommended App CardName Search
2574813Intrastat Report SubformName Search
2584816Intrastat Report LinesName Search
2595050Contact CardName Search
2605052Contact ListName Search
2615054Company DetailsName Search
2625105TeamsName Search
2635116Salesperson/Purchaser CardName Search
2645194Contoso Demo ToolName Search
2655203Alternative Address CardName Search
2665204Alternative Address ListName Search
2675213UnionsName Search
2685265Standard Account CategoriesName Search
2695320Exchange FoldersName Search
2705331CRM Full Synch. ReviewName Search
2715335Integration Table Mapping ListName Search
2725341CRM Account ListName Search
2735343CRM Opportunity ListName Search
2745346CRM Pricelevel ListName Search
2755348CRM Product ListName Search
2765351CRM Sales Quote ListName Search
2775353CRM Sales Order ListName Search
2785362CRM UnitGroup ListName Search
2795364CRM Unit ListName Search
2805372CDS Available Virtual TablesName Search
2815380CRM Sales OrderName Search
2825448Automation Extension Search
2835499Aged AR Entityname Search
2845500Aged AP Entityname Search
2855615FA ClassesName Search
2865616FA SubclassesName Search
2875617FA LocationsName Search
2885630FA Journal TemplatesName Search
2895631FA Journal Template ListName Search
2905633FA Journal BatchesName Search
2915637FA Reclass. Journal TemplatesName Search
2925638FA Reclass. Jnl. Template ListName Search
2935640FA Reclass. Journal BatchesName Search
2945652Insurance Journal TemplatesName Search
2955653Insurance Jnl. Template ListName Search
2965655Insurance Journal BatchesName Search
2975703Location CardName Search
2985705Location Card PartName Search
2995714Responsibility Center CardName Search
3005715Responsibility Center ListName Search
3015728ManufacturersName Search
3025828Inventory PeriodsName Search
3035840Standard Cost Worksheet NamesName Search
3045900Service OrderName Search
3055901Service ListName Search
3065933Service InvoiceName Search
3075935Service Credit MemoName Search
3085964Service QuoteName Search
3095971Posted Service Credit MemosName Search
3105972Posted Service Credit MemoName Search
3115974Posted Service ShipmentsName Search
3125975Posted Service ShipmentName Search
3135977Posted Service InvoicesName Search
3145978Posted Service InvoiceName Search
3155980Service Item CardName Search
3166000Dispatch BoardName Search
3176023Skilled Resource ListName Search
3186050Service ContractName Search
3196051Service Contract ListName Search
3206053Service Contract QuoteName Search
3216060Contract TrendscapeName Search
3226065Customer Service ContractsName Search
3236072Filed Service ContractName Search
3246073Filed Service Contract ListName Search
3256322Power BI WS Report SelectionName Search
3266406Gen. Journal Batch Entityname Search
3276408Workflow – Customer Entityname Search
3286410Workflow – Vendor Entityname Search
3296704Booking Mailbox ListName Search
3307110Analysis TypesName Search
3317111Analysis Type ListName Search
3327112Analysis Line TemplatesName Search
3337113Analysis Column TemplatesName Search
3347116Analysis Report NamesName Search
3357132Item Budget NamesName Search
3367150Invt. Analysis View CardName Search
3377151Item Analysis View ListName Search
3387155Sales Analysis View CardName Search
3397156Purchase Analysis View CardName Search
3407203CDS Business UnitsName Search
3417204CDS Integration SolutionsName Search
3427208CDS Full Synch. ReviewName Search
3437233Master Data Synch. TablesName Search
3447234Master Data Full Synch. ReviewName Search
3457321Whse. Journal TemplatesName Search
3467322Whse. Journal Template ListName Search
3477323Whse. Journal BatchesName Search
3487329Whse. Journal Batches ListName Search
3497344Whse. Worksheet NamesName Search
3507346Worksheet Names ListName Search
3517347Locations with Warehouse ListName Search
3527353Whse. Worksheet TemplatesName Search
3537366Whse. Worksheet Template ListName Search
3547368Bin Creation Wksh. Templ. ListName Search
3557369Bin Creation Wksh. NamesName Search
3567370Bin Creation Wksh. TemplatesName Search
3577373Bin Creation Wksh. Name ListName Search
3587500Item AttributesName Search
3597502Item Attribute TranslationsName Search
3607503Item AttributeName Search
3617503Item AttributeName Search
3627505Item Attr. Value TranslationsName Search
3637600Base Calendar CardName Search
3647601Base Calendar ListName Search
3657710ADCS UsersName Search
3668628Config. SelectionName Search
3678628Config. SelectionName Search
3688629Config. WizardName Search
3698630Config. TablesName Search
3708631Config. AreasName Search
3718632Config. WorksheetName Search
3728639Copy Company DataName Search
3738886Email Account WizardName Search
3748893Email Scenario SetupName Search
3758894Email Scenarios for AccountName Search
3768895Email Scenarios FactBoxName Search
3778944Email Address LookupName Search
3789045User Groups Migration GuideName Search
3799084Customer Details FactBoxName Search
3809093Vendor Details FactBoxName Search
3819128Invt. Doc Ship. Detail FactboxName Search
3829150My CustomersName Search
3839151My VendorsName Search
3849153My AccountsName Search
3859166Support Contact Info. Entityname Search
3869182Generic ChartsName Search
3879183Generic Chart SetupName Search
3889183Generic Chart SetupName Search
3899203Budget MatrixName Search
3909209Invt. Analys by Dim. MatrixName Search
3919219Purch. Budget Overview MatrixName Search
3929221Res. Gr. Avail. (Serv.) MatrixName Search
3939223Item Statistics MatrixName Search
3949225Purch. Analysis by Dim MatrixName Search
3959227Sales Analysis by Dim MatrixName Search
3969229Res. Avail. (Service) MatrixName Search
3979233G/L Balance by Dim. MatrixName Search
3989237Resource Capacity MatrixName Search
3999239Sales Budget Overview MatrixName Search
4009243Res. Group Capacity MatrixName Search
4019249Analysis by Dimensions MatrixName Search
4029251Dimension Combinations MatrixName Search
4039253Dim. Value Combinations MatrixName Search
4049255Tasks MatrixName Search
4059257Opportunities MatrixName Search
4069285Transfer Routes MatrixName Search
4079291Work Center Calendar MatrixName Search
4089293Machine Center Calendar MatrixName Search
4099295Work Ctr. Grp. Calendar MatrixName Search
4109297Inventory – G/L Recon MatrixName Search
4119317Service QuotesName Search
4129318Service OrdersName Search
4139319Service InvoicesName Search
4149320Service Credit MemosName Search
4159321Service ContractsName Search
4169322Service Contract QuotesName Search
4179370Analysis View List PurchaseName Search
4189371Analysis View List SalesName Search
4199372Analysis View List InventoryName Search
4209373Budget Names PurchaseName Search
4219374Budget Names SalesName Search
4229375Analysis Report PurchaseName Search
4239376Analysis Report SaleName Search
4249377Analysis Report InventoryName Search
4259560Document SharingName Search
4269628Available Table Selection ListName Search
4279633Page Inspection ExtensionsName Search
4289654Built-in Report LayoutsName Search
4299802Permission SetsName Search
4309813DevicesName Search
4319814Device CardName Search
4329816Permission Set by UserName Search
4339824PlansName Search
4349825Plans FactBoxName Search
4359826User Plans FactBoxName Search
4369829User Groups FactBoxName Search
4379830User GroupsName Search
4389837Permission Set by User GroupName Search
4399842User Group by PlanName Search
4409849Included PermissionSet FactBoxName Search
4419851Permission Set ListName Search
4429854Lookup Permission SetName Search
4439855Permission SetName Search
4449855Permission SetName Search
4459856Metadata Permission SubformName Search
4469859Tenant Permission SubformName Search
4479863Expanded Permissions FactboxName Search
4489871Security GroupsName Search
4499874Permission Set By Sec. GroupName Search
4509877Security Group LookupName Search
4519900Import DataName Search
4529901Export DataName Search
4539988Word Templates Table LookupName Search
4549989Word TemplatesName Search
4559993Code Coverage AL ObjectName Search
4569996Word Template Selection WizardName Search
4579997Word Templates Tables PartName Search
4589999Word Template To Text WizardName Search
45910502Postcode Service LookupName Search
46020001APIV1 – Aut. Companiesname Search
46120007APIV1 – Aut. Extension Search
46220031APIV1 – Aged ARname Search
46320032APIV1 – Aged APname Search
46420106AMC Bank Assist Bank AccountName Search
46520350Connectivity AppsName Search
46620351Connectivity AppName Search
46720352Banking AppName Search
46820353Banking AppsName Search
46930001APIV2 – Aut. Companiesname Search
47030007APIV2 – Aut. Extension Search
47130031APIV2 – Aged ARname Search
47230032APIV2 – Aged APname Search
47330086APIV2 – Accounting Periodsname Search
47430106Shpfy Customer CardName Search
47530117Shpfy Shop Locations MappingName Search
47630129Shpfy Shipment Methods MappingName Search
47730130Shpfy Credit Card CompaniesName Search
47830133Shpfy Transaction GatewaysName Search
47930137Shpfy Initial ImportName Search
48030402API – IC Dimensionsname Search
48130403API – IC Dimension Valuesname Search
48230405API – IC G/L Accountsname Search
48330413API – IC Partnersname Search
48440015Hybrid Companies ListName Search
48540020Cloud Migration Companies APIname Search
48640056GP Company Migration SettingsName Search
48740056GP Company Migration SettingsName Search
48841009Hist. G/L Account ListName Search
48950105ZY PagesName Search
490130400CAL Test SuitesName Search
491130401CAL Test ToolName Search
492130409AL Test Objects To SelectName Search
49399000754Work Center CardName Search
49499000755Work Center ListName Search
49599000758Work Center GroupsName Search
49699000760Machine Center CardName Search
49799000761Machine Center ListName Search
49899000822Order TrackingName Search
49999000866Capacity Constrained ResourcesName Search
50099000902Item Availability Line ListName Search
50199000921Demand Forecast NamesName Search