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SELECT p.ID ,p.Name ,pc.ControlName ,post.post_name FROM azrcrv_PageControls AS pc INNER JOIN azrcrv_Pages AS p ON p.ID = pc.PageNo INNER JOIN bct_posts AS post ON post.post_title = p.Name WHERE pc.ControlName = 'ID' ORDER BY p.ID ,pc.ControlName
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Seq NoPage NumberPage NameControl Name
1199Unlinked AttachmentsID Search
2356PrintersID Search
3674Job Queue Log EntriesID Search
4683Server PrintersID Search
5703Merge Duplicate SubformID Search
6709Error Message RegisterID Search
7709Error Message RegisterID Search
8831Workflow Webhook Subscriptionsid Search
91102Cost Allocation SourcesID Search
101105Cost AllocationID Search
111109Cost Allocation Target CardID Search
121170User Task ListID Search
131230SEPA Direct Debit MandatesID Search
141316Accountant Portal User TasksID Search
151504Workflow Step InstancesID Search
161511Notification EntriesID Search
171514Sent Notification EntriesID Search
181530Archived WF Step InstancesID Search
191550Restricted RecordsID Search
201927Detached Media CleanupId Search
212182O365 Excel ColumnsID Search
222513Extn. Orphaned App DetailsId Search
232616Printer ManagementID Search
242650Email Printer SettingsID Search
252650Email Printer SettingsID Search
262753Universal Print Shares ListID Search
273845Scheduled TasksID Search
284094GP Customer TransactionsId Search
294094GP Customer TransactionsId Search
304097GP Vendor TransactionsId Search
314097GP Vendor TransactionsId Search
324690Recurrence Schedule CardID Search
334700VAT Group Submission Linesid Search
344701VAT Group Submissionsid Search
354703VAT Group Approved Member ListID Search
365395Dataverse Entity Changes APIid Search
375461API Webhook Logsid Search
386307PBI Aged Acc. PayableID Search
396308PBI Aged Acc. ReceivableID Search
406309PBI Aged Inventory ChartID Search
416314PBI Sales PipelineID Search
426315PBI Top 5 OpportunitiesID Search
436322Power BI WS Report SelectionID Search
446402Sales Document Entityid Search
456404Purchase Document Entityid Search
466406Gen. Journal Batch Entityid Search
476407Gen. Journal Line Entityid Search
486408Workflow – Customer Entityid Search
496409Workflow – Item Entityid Search
506410Workflow – Vendor Entityid Search
519166Support Contact Info. Entityid Search
529182Generic ChartsID Search
539183Generic Chart SetupID Search
549183Generic Chart SetupID Search
559216Time Zones LookupID Search
569877Security Group LookupID Search
579970Posted Sales Invoice APIid Search
589971Posted Purchase Invoice APIid Search
599988Word Templates Table LookupID Search
609993Code Coverage AL ObjectID Search
6120001APIV1 – Aut. Companiesid Search
6220002APIV1 – Aut. Extensionsid Search
6320005APIV1 – Aut. Permission Setsid Search
6420006APIV1 – Aut. Extension Uploadid Search
6520008APIV1 – Itemsid Search
6620009APIV1 – Customersid Search
6720010APIV1 – Vendorsid Search
6820011APIV1 – Company Informationid Search
6920012APIV1 – Sales Invoicesid Search
7020013APIV1 – Cust. Paym. Journalsid Search
7120014APIV1 – Accountsid Search
7220015APIV1 – Tax Groupsid Search
7320016APIV1 – Journalsid Search
7420017APIV1 – Employeesid Search
7520018APIV1 – G/L Entriesid Search
7620019APIV1 – Currenciesid Search
7720020APIV1 – Payment Methodsid Search
7820021APIV1 – Dimensionsid Search
7920022APIV1 – Dimension Linesid Search
8020023APIV1 – Payment Termsid Search
8120024APIV1 – Shipment Methodsid Search
8220025APIV1 – Item Categoriesid Search
8320027APIV1 – Countries/Regionsid Search
8420028APIV1 – Sales Ordersid Search
8520030APIV1 – Units of Measureid Search
8620036APIV1 – Tax Areasid Search
8720037APIV1 – Sales Quotesid Search
8820038APIV1 – Sales Credit Memosid Search
8920039APIV1 – Attachmentsid Search
9020040APIV1 – G/L Entry Attachmentsid Search
9120041APIV1 – Time Registr. Entriesid Search
9220042APIV1 – Purchase Invoicesid Search
9320043APIV1 – Sales Invoice Linesid Search
9420044APIV1 – Sales Order Linesid Search
9520045APIV1 – Sales Quote Linesid Search
9620046APIV1 – Sales Credit Mem Linesid Search
9720047APIV1 – Purchase Invoice Linesid Search
9820048Customer Financial Detailsid Search
9920049APIV1 – JournalLinesid Search
10020050APIV1 – Jobsid Search
10120051APIV1 – Bank Accountsid Search
10220052APIV1 – Item Variantsid Search
10320053APIV1 Dimension Values Entityid Search
10420055APIV1 – Picturesid Search
10520058APIV1 – Customer Paymentsid Search
10620060APIV1 – Aut. User Permissionid Search
10730000APIV2 – Aut. Config. Packagesid Search
10830001APIV2 – Aut. Companiesid Search
10930002APIV2 – Aut. Extensionsid Search
11030003APIV2 – Aut. User Groupsid Search
11130005APIV2 – Aut. Permission Setsid Search
11230008APIV2 – Itemsid Search
11330009APIV2 – Customersid Search
11430010APIV2 – Vendorsid Search
11530011APIV2 – Company Informationid Search
11630012APIV2 – Sales Invoicesid Search
11730013APIV2 – Cust. Paym. Journalsid Search
11830014APIV2 – Accountsid Search
11930015APIV2 – Tax Groupsid Search
12030016APIV2 – Journalsid Search
12130017APIV2 – Employeesid Search
12230018APIV2 – G/L Entriesid Search
12330019APIV2 – Currenciesid Search
12430020APIV2 – Payment Methodsid Search
12530021APIV2 – Dimensionsid Search
12630022APIV2 – Dimension Set Linesid Search
12730023APIV2 – Payment Termsid Search
12830024APIV2 – Shipment Methodsid Search
12930025APIV2 – Item Categoriesid Search
13030026APIV2 – Cash Flow Statementid Search
13130027APIV2 – Countries/Regionsid Search
13230028APIV2 – Sales Ordersid Search
13330029APIV2 – Retained Earningsid Search
13430030APIV2 – Units of Measureid Search
13530033APIV2 – Balance Sheetid Search
13630035APIV2 – Income Statementid Search
13730036APIV2 – Tax Areasid Search
13830037APIV2 – Sales Quotesid Search
13930038APIV2 – Sales Credit Memosid Search
14030039APIV2 – Attachmentsid Search
14130040APIV2 Dimension Values Entityid Search
14230041APIV2 – Time Registr. Entriesid Search
14330042APIV2 – Purchase Invoicesid Search
14430043APIV2 – Sales Invoice Linesid Search
14530044APIV2 – Sales Order Linesid Search
14630045APIV2 – Sales Quote Linesid Search
14730046APIV2 – Sales Credit Mem Linesid Search
14830047APIV2 – Purchase Invoice Linesid Search
14930048APIV2 – Cust Financial Detailsid Search
15030049APIV2 – JournalLinesid Search
15130050APIV2 – Jobsid Search
15230051APIV2 – Bank Accountsid Search
15330052APIV2 – Item Variantsid Search
15430053APIV2 – Picturesid Search
15530054APIV2 – Default Dimensionsid Search
15630055APIV2 – Customer Paymentsid Search
15730056APIV2 – PDF Documentid Search
15830058APIV2 – Aut. User Gr. Membersid Search
15930059APIV2 – Aut. User Permissionsid Search
16030060APIV2 – Vendor Paymentsid Search
16130061APIV2 – Vendor Paym. Journalsid Search
16230062APIV2 – Sales Shipmentsid Search
16330063APIV2 – Sales Shipment Linesid Search
16430064APIV2 – Purchase Receiptsid Search
16530065APIV2 – Purch Receipt Linesid Search
16630066APIV2 – Purchase Ordersid Search
16730067APIV2 – Purchase Order Linesid Search
16830068APIV2 – Aut. Scheduled Jobsid Search
16930069APIV2 – Item Ledger Entriesid Search
17030070APIV2 – Opportunitiesid Search
17130071APIV2 – Contactsid Search
17230073APIV2 – Apply Vendor Entriesid Search
17330075APIV2 – Aut. User Group Search
17430076APIV2 – Locationsid Search
17530077APIV2 – Cust. Return Reasonsid Search
17630079APIV2 – Gen. Prod. Post. Groupid Search
17730080APIV2 – Document Attachmentsid Search
17830082APIV2 – Aut. Security Groupsid Search
17930083APIV2 – Purchase Credit Memosid Search
18030084APIV2 – Purch. Cr. Memo Linesid Search
18130085APIV2- Currency Exchange Ratesid Search
18230086APIV2 – Accounting Periodsid Search
18330087APIV2 – G/L Setupid Search
18430096APIV2 – Inventory Post. Groupid Search
18530105Shpfy Customer AdressesId Search
18630106Shpfy Customer CardId Search
18730107Shpfy CustomersId Search
18830110Shpfy Gift CardsId Search
18930117Shpfy Shop Locations MappingId Search
19030121Shpfy Orders to ImportId Search
19130121Shpfy Orders to ImportId Search
19230126Shpfy ProductsId Search
19330127Shpfy VariantsId Search
19430143Shpfy Products OverviewId Search
19530300API Finance – Acc Periodsid Search
19630301API Finance – Business Unitid Search
19730302API Finance – Dimension Valuesid Search
19830303API Finance – Dim Set Entriesid Search
19930304API Finance – GL Accountid Search
20030305API Finance – GL Budgetsid Search
20130307API Finance – Customerid Search
20230308API Finance – Vendorid Search
20330400API – Handled IC Inbox Search
20430402API – IC Dimensionsid Search
20530403API – IC Dimension Valuesid Search
20630405API – IC G/L Accountsid Search
20730411API – IC Inbox Transactionsid Search
20830413API – IC Partnersid Search
20930414API – IC Setupid Search
21030415API IC Incoming Notificationid Search
21130416API Buf IC Comment Linesid Search
21230417API Buf IC Document Dimensionid Search
21330418API Buf IC Inbox Jnl Lineid Search
21430419API Buf IC Inbox Purchase Lineid Search
21530420API Buf IC Inbox Purch Headerid Search
21630421API Buf IC Inbox Sales Headerid Search
21730422API Buf IC Inbox Sales Lineid Search
21830423API Buf IC Inbox Transactionid Search
21930424API Buf IC InOut Jnl Line Dimid Search
22030425API IC Outgoing Notificationid Search
22140020Cloud Migration Companies APIid Search
22240021Cloud Migration Status APIid Search
22340022Cloud Mig Table Mapping APIid Search
22440023Setup Cloud Migration APIid Search
22540024Cloud Mig Product Type APIid Search
22640026Cloud Mig Status Detail APIid Search
227130409AL Test Objects To SelectID Search