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SELECT p.ID ,p.Name ,pc.ControlName ,post.post_name FROM azrcrv_PageControls AS pc INNER JOIN azrcrv_Pages AS p ON p.ID = pc.PageNo INNER JOIN bct_posts AS post ON post.post_title = p.Name WHERE pc.ControlName = 'Date' ORDER BY p.ID ,pc.ControlName
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Seq NoPage NumberPage NameControl Name
166Purch. Comment SheetDate Search
267Sales Comment SheetDate Search
368Purch. Comment ListDate Search
469Sales Comment ListDate Search
571User Time RegistersDate Search
6120G/L Budget EntriesDate Search
7124Comment SheetDate Search
8125Comment ListDate Search
9197Acc. Sched. KPI Web ServiceDate Search
10198Acc. Sched. KPI WS DimensionsDate Search
11224Res. Capacity EntriesDate Search
12311Intrastat JournalDate Search
13442Reminder Comment SheetDate Search
14443Reminder Comment ListDate Search
15454Fin. Charge Comment SheetDate Search
16455Fin. Charge Comment ListDate Search
17620IC Comment SheetDate Search
18684Date-Time DialogDate Search
19848Cash Flow CommentDate Search
20858Cash Flow Comment ListDate Search
21907Assembly Comment SheetDate Search
22955Time Sheet Comment SheetDate Search
23963Time Sheet Arc. Comment SheetDate Search
241115Cost Budget EntriesDate Search
251615Office Job JournalDate Search
261615Office Job JournalDate Search
271698Bank Acc. Comment ListDate Search
281699Bank Acc. Comment SheetDate Search
294813Intrastat Report SubformDate Search
304816Intrastat Report LinesDate Search
315072Rlshp. Mgt. Comment SheetDate Search
325073Contact Int. Entries SubformDate Search
335076Interaction Log EntriesDate Search
345077Create InteractionDate Search
355082Postponed InteractionsDate Search
365089Campaign EntriesDate Search
375091SegmentDate Search
385092Segment SubformDate Search
395093Segment ListDate Search
405096Task ListDate Search
415097Create TaskDate Search
425098Task CardDate Search
435118Rlshp. Mgt. Comment ListDate Search
445146Assign ActivityDate Search
455147Make Phone CallDate Search
465150Contact Segment ListDate Search
475179Purch. Archive Comment SheetDate Search
485180Sales Archive Comment SheetDate Search
495187Inter. Log Entry Comment SheetDate Search
505188Inter. Log Entry Comment ListDate Search
515222Human Resource Comment SheetDate Search
525223Human Resource Comment ListDate Search
535234HR Confidential Comment SheetDate Search
545235HR Confidential Comment ListDate Search
555702Stockkeeping Unit Comment ListDate Search
565704Stock. Unit Comment SheetDate Search
575750Inventory Comment SheetDate Search
585751Inventory Comment ListDate Search
595776Warehouse Comment SheetDate Search
605777Warehouse Comment ListDate Search
615830Demand OverviewDate Search
625891Phys. Inventory Comment SheetDate Search
635892Phys. Inventory Comment ListDate Search
645911Service Comment SheetDate Search
656307PBI Aged Acc. PayableDate Search
666308PBI Aged Acc. ReceivableDate Search
676309PBI Aged Inventory ChartDate Search
686506Item Tracking CommentsDate Search
697133Item Budget EntriesDate Search
707602Base Calendar ChangesDate Search
717603Customized Calendar ChangesDate Search
727607Base Calendar Change ListDate Search
738851Bank Statement Import PreviewDate Search
749191User Page Personalization ListDate Search
7520041APIV1 – Time Registr. Entriesdate Search
7630041APIV2 – Time Registr. Entriesdate Search
7730125Shpfy PayoutsDate Search
7830416API Buf IC Comment Linesdate Search
7941001Hist. Gen. Journal LinesDate Search
8099000753Shop Calendar HolidaysDate Search
8199000759Calendar EntriesDate Search
8299000772Capacity AbsenceDate Search
8399000784Manufacturing Comment SheetDate Search
8499000785Manufacturing Comment ListDate Search
8599000794Routing Comment SheetDate Search
8699000795Prod. Order BOM Cmt. SheetDate Search
8799000796Routing Comment ListDate Search
8899000797Prod. BOM Comment ListDate Search
8999000820Prod. Order Capacity NeedDate Search
9099000820Prod. Order Capacity NeedDate Search
9199000838Prod. Order Comment SheetDate Search
9299000839Prod. Order Comment ListDate Search
9399000840Prod. Order Rtng. Cmt. Sh.Date Search
9499000841Prod. Order Rtng. Cmt. ListDate Search
9599000842Prod. Order Comp. Cmt. SheetDate Search
9699000843Prod. Order BOM Cmt ListDate Search
9799000920Registered AbsencesDate Search