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SELECT p.ID ,p.Name ,pc.ControlName ,post.post_name FROM azrcrv_PageControls AS pc INNER JOIN azrcrv_Pages AS p ON p.ID = pc.PageNo INNER JOIN bct_posts AS post ON post.post_title = p.Name WHERE pc.ControlName = 'Comment' ORDER BY p.ID ,pc.ControlName
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Pages with controls equal to COMMENT

Seq NoPage NumberPage NameControl Name
139General JournalComment Search
266Purch. Comment SheetComment Search
367Sales Comment SheetComment Search
468Purch. Comment ListComment Search
569Sales Comment ListComment Search
6124Comment SheetComment Search
7125Comment ListComment Search
8253Sales JournalComment Search
9254Purchase JournalComment Search
10283Recurring General JournalComment Search
11442Reminder Comment SheetComment Search
12443Reminder Comment ListComment Search
13454Fin. Charge Comment SheetComment Search
14455Fin. Charge Comment ListComment Search
15610IC General JournalComment Search
16620IC Comment SheetComment Search
17654Requests to ApproveComment Search
18658Approval EntriesComment Search
19659Posted Approval EntriesComment Search
20660Approval CommentsComment Search
21661Posted Approval CommentsComment Search
22662Approval Request EntriesComment Search
23804Online Map Parameter SetupComment Search
24804Online Map Parameter SetupComment Search
25848Cash Flow CommentComment Search
26849Cash Flow Forecast ListComment Search
27855Cash Flow Account ListComment Search
28858Cash Flow Comment ListComment Search
29907Assembly Comment SheetComment Search
30951Time Sheet ListComment Search
31953Manager Time Sheet ListComment Search
32955Time Sheet Comment SheetComment Search
33957Time Sheet Status FactBoxComment Search
34963Time Sheet Arc. Comment SheetComment Search
35971Activity Details FactBoxComment Search
361101Cost Type CardComment Search
371102Cost Allocation SourcesComment Search
381105Cost AllocationComment Search
391109Cost Allocation Target CardComment Search
401111Cost Center CardComment Search
411112Cost Object CardComment Search
421122Chart of Cost CentersComment Search
431123Chart of Cost ObjectsComment Search
441698Bank Acc. Comment ListComment Search
451699Bank Acc. Comment SheetComment Search
465069Web SourcesComment Search
475072Rlshp. Mgt. Comment SheetComment Search
485073Contact Int. Entries SubformComment Search
495076Interaction Log EntriesComment Search
505082Postponed InteractionsComment Search
515096Task ListComment Search
525118Rlshp. Mgt. Comment ListComment Search
535119Sales CyclesComment Search
545121Sales Cycle StagesComment Search
555179Purch. Archive Comment SheetComment Search
565180Sales Archive Comment SheetComment Search
575187Inter. Log Entry Comment SheetComment Search
585188Inter. Log Entry Comment ListComment Search
595201Employee ListComment Search
605204Alternative Address ListComment Search
615206Employee QualificationsComment Search
625207Qualified EmployeesComment Search
635209Employee RelativesComment Search
645211Employee AbsencesComment Search
655212Absence RegistrationComment Search
665219Misc. Article InformationComment Search
675219Misc. Article InformationComment Search
685221Confidential InformationComment Search
695221Confidential InformationComment Search
705222Human Resource Comment SheetComment Search
715223Human Resource Comment ListComment Search
725234HR Confidential Comment SheetComment Search
735235HR Confidential Comment ListComment Search
745625Maintenance RegistrationComment Search
755625Maintenance RegistrationComment Search
765702Stockkeeping Unit Comment ListComment Search
775704Stock. Unit Comment SheetComment Search
785750Inventory Comment SheetComment Search
795751Inventory Comment ListComment Search
805776Warehouse Comment SheetComment Search
815777Warehouse Comment ListComment Search
825891Phys. Inventory Comment SheetComment Search
835892Phys. Inventory Comment ListComment Search
845911Service Comment SheetComment Search
855921Available LoanersComment Search
865992Troubleshooting SubformComment Search
876402Sales Document Entitycomment Search
886404Purchase Document Entitycomment Search
896407Gen. Journal Line Entitycomment Search
906408Workflow – Customer Entitycomment Search
916409Workflow – Item Entitycomment Search
926410Workflow – Vendor Entitycomment Search
936506Item Tracking CommentsComment Search
949092Approval FactBoxComment Search
959103Pending Approval FactBoxComment Search
969104Approval Comments FactBoxComment Search
979155My Time SheetsComment Search
989155My Time SheetsComment Search
9920049APIV1 – JournalLinescomment Search
10020058APIV1 – Customer Paymentscomment Search
10130049APIV2 – JournalLinescomment Search
10230055APIV2 – Customer Paymentscomment Search
10330060APIV2 – Vendor Paymentscomment Search
10430416API Buf IC Comment Linescomment Search
10599000784Manufacturing Comment SheetComment Search
10699000785Manufacturing Comment ListComment Search
10799000794Routing Comment SheetComment Search
10899000795Prod. Order BOM Cmt. SheetComment Search
10999000796Routing Comment ListComment Search
11099000797Prod. BOM Comment ListComment Search
11199000838Prod. Order Comment SheetComment Search
11299000839Prod. Order Comment ListComment Search
11399000840Prod. Order Rtng. Cmt. Sh.Comment Search
11499000841Prod. Order Rtng. Cmt. ListComment Search
11599000842Prod. Order Comp. Cmt. SheetComment Search
11699000843Prod. Order BOM Cmt ListComment Search