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SELECT p.ID ,p.Name ,pc.ControlName ,post.post_name FROM azrcrv_PageControls AS pc INNER JOIN azrcrv_Pages AS p ON p.ID = pc.PageNo INNER JOIN bct_posts AS post ON post.post_title = p.Name WHERE pc.ControlName = 'Blocked' ORDER BY p.ID ,pc.ControlName
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Pages with controls equal to BLOCKED

Seq NoPage NumberPage NameControl Name
117G/L Account CardBlocked Search
221Customer CardBlocked Search
322Customer ListBlocked Search
426Vendor CardBlocked Search
527Vendor ListBlocked Search
630Item CardBlocked Search
731Item ListBlocked Search
832Item LookupBlocked Search
933Customer LookupBlocked Search
1034Vendor LookupBlocked Search
1176Resource CardBlocked Search
1288Job CardBlocked Search
13121G/L Budget NamesBlocked Search
14173Standard Customer Sales CodesBlocked Search
15314General Posting SetupBlocked Search
16314General Posting SetupBlocked Search
17370Bank Account CardBlocked Search
18395General Posting Setup CardBlocked Search
19472VAT Posting SetupBlocked Search
20472VAT Posting SetupBlocked Search
21473VAT Posting Setup CardBlocked Search
22536DimensionsBlocked Search
23537Dimension ValuesBlocked Search
24555Analysis View CardBlocked Search
25560Dimension Value ListBlocked Search
26600IC DimensionsBlocked Search
27601IC Dimension ValuesBlocked Search
28605IC Chart of AccountsBlocked Search
29606IC G/L Account CardBlocked Search
30608IC Partner ListBlocked Search
31609IC Partner CardBlocked Search
32622IC Partners List PartBlocked Search
33635IC Mapping Dim Values IncomingBlocked Search
34677IC Mapping Dim Values OutgoingBlocked Search
35697IC Bank Account ListBlocked Search
36698IC Bank Account CardBlocked Search
37705IC Dimensions SelectorBlocked Search
38706IC Dim Values SelectorBlocked Search
39855Cash Flow Account ListBlocked Search
40862Cash Flow Account CardBlocked Search
411100Chart of Cost TypesBlocked Search
421101Cost Type CardBlocked Search
431102Cost Allocation SourcesBlocked Search
441105Cost AllocationBlocked Search
451111Cost Center CardBlocked Search
461112Cost Object CardBlocked Search
471122Chart of Cost CentersBlocked Search
481123Chart of Cost ObjectsBlocked Search
491124Cost Type ListBlocked Search
501230SEPA Direct Debit MandatesBlocked Search
511382Customer Templ. CardBlocked Search
521384Item Templ. CardBlocked Search
531386Vendor Templ. CardBlocked Search
542631Statistical Account CardBlocked Search
552632Statistical Account ListBlocked Search
565116Salesperson/Purchaser CardBlocked Search
575119Sales CyclesBlocked Search
585401Item VariantsBlocked Search
595405Item Variant CardBlocked Search
605600Fixed Asset CardBlocked Search
615644Insurance CardBlocked Search
625921Available LoanersBlocked Search
635922Loaner CardBlocked Search
646408Workflow – Customer Entityblocked Search
656409Workflow – Item Entityblocked Search
666410Workflow – Vendor Entityblocked Search
676504Serial No. Information CardBlocked Search
686505Lot No. Information CardBlocked Search
696508Lot No. Information ListBlocked Search
706509Serial No. Information ListBlocked Search
716516Package No. Information ListBlocked Search
726526Package No. Information CardBlocked Search
737132Item Budget NamesBlocked Search
747150Invt. Analysis View CardBlocked Search
757155Sales Analysis View CardBlocked Search
767156Purchase Analysis View CardBlocked Search
777500Item AttributesBlocked Search
787501Item Attribute ValuesBlocked Search
797503Item AttributeBlocked Search
807503Item AttributeBlocked Search
819075RapidStart Services ActivitiesBlocked Search
829373Budget Names PurchaseBlocked Search
839374Budget Names SalesBlocked Search
8420008APIV1 – Itemsblocked Search
8520009APIV1 – Customersblocked Search
8620010APIV1 – Vendorsblocked Search
8720014APIV1 – Accountsblocked Search
8830008APIV2 – Itemsblocked Search
8930009APIV2 – Customersblocked Search
9030010APIV2 – Vendorsblocked Search
9130014APIV2 – Accountsblocked Search
9230051APIV2 – Bank Accountsblocked Search
9330302API Finance – Dimension Valuesblocked Search
9430305API Finance – GL Budgetsblocked Search
9530307API Finance – Customerblocked Search
9630308API Finance – Vendorblocked Search
9730402API – IC Dimensionsblocked Search
9830403API – IC Dimension Valuesblocked Search
9930405API – IC G/L Accountsblocked Search
10030413API – IC Partnersblocked Search
10199000754Work Center CardBlocked Search
10299000760Machine Center CardBlocked Search
10399000790FamilyBlocked Search
10499000790FamilyBlocked Search
10599000791Family ListBlocked Search
10699000831Released Production OrderBlocked Search