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Seq NoTable TypeTable NameField Name
1SystemAAD ApplicationUser ID Search
2SystemActive SessionUser ID Search
3SystemAPI Webhook SubscriptionUser Id Search
4SystemApplication Area SetupUser ID Search
5SystemExternal Event Log EntryUser Id Search
6SystemExternal Event SubscriptionUser Id Search
7SystemIsolated CertificateUser ID Search
8SystemIsolated StorageUser Id Search
9SystemPage Data PersonalizationUser ID Search
10SystemPage Usage StateUser ID Search
11SystemPrinter SelectionUser ID Search
12SystemRecord LinkUser ID Search
13SystemScheduled TaskUser ID Search
14SystemSession EventUser ID Search
15SystemTenant Report Layout SelectionUser ID Search
16SystemTerms And Conditions StateUser ID Search
17SystemUser Default Style SheetUser ID Search
18SystemUser Mapping SourceUser ID Search
19SystemUser MetadataUser ID Search
20SystemUser PersonalizationUser ID Search
21SystemUser PersonalizationUser ID Search
22SystemUser ToursUser ID Search
23CompanyAcc. Sched. Chart Setup LineUser ID Search
24CompanyAccount Schedules Chart SetupUser ID Search
25CompanyAccount Schedules Chart SetupUser ID Search
26CompanyActivity LogUser ID Search
27CompanyActivity LogUser ID Search
28CompanyAnalysis by Dim. User Param.User ID Search
29CompanyAnalysis Report Chart LineUser ID Search
30CompanyAnalysis Report Chart LineUser ID Search
31CompanyAnalysis Report Chart SetupUser ID Search
32CompanyAnalysis Report Chart SetupUser ID Search
33CompanyAnalysis Selected DimensionUser ID Search
34CompanyApproval Comment LineUser ID Search
35CompanyBank Account Ledger EntryUser ID Search
36CompanyBatch Processing Session MapUser ID Search
37CompanyBin Creation Worksheet LineUser ID Search
38CompanyBooking SyncUser ID Search
39CompanyBusiness Chart User SetupUser ID Search
40CompanyCAL Test ResultUser ID Search
41CompanyCampaign EntryUser ID Search
42CompanyCash Flow Chart SetupUser ID Search
43CompanyCash Flow Forecast EntryUser ID Search
44CompanyChange Log EntryUser ID Search
45CompanyCheck Ledger EntryUser ID Search
46CompanyChecklist Item UserUser ID Search
47CompanyContract Change LogUser ID Search
48CompanyContract Change LogUser ID Search
49CompanyContract Gain/Loss EntryUser ID Search
50CompanyCopy Item ParametersUser ID Search
51CompanyCost Allocation SourceUser ID Search
52CompanyCost Allocation TargetUser ID Search
53CompanyCost Allocation TargetUser ID Search
54CompanyCost Budget RegisterUser ID Search
55CompanyCost EntryUser ID Search
56CompanyCost RegisterUser ID Search
57CompanyCust. Ledger EntryUser ID Search
58CompanyCV Ledger Entry BufferUser ID Search
59CompanyData Class. Notif. SetupUSER ID Search
60CompanyDate Compr. RegisterUser ID Search
61CompanyDetailed Cust. Ledg. EntryUser ID Search
62CompanyDetailed CV Ledg. Entry BufferUser ID Search
63CompanyDetailed Employee Ledger EntryUser ID Search
64CompanyDetailed Vendor Ledg. EntryUser ID Search
65CompanyEmail View PolicyUser ID Search
66CompanyEmployee Ledger EntryUser ID Search
67CompanyError Message RegisterUser ID Search
68CompanyError Message RegisterUser ID Search
69CompanyEss. Business Headline Per UsrUser Id Search
70CompanyExchange SyncUser ID Search
71CompanyExtension Pending SetupUser Id Search
72CompanyFA Journal SetupUser ID Search
73CompanyFA Journal SetupUser ID Search
74CompanyFA Ledger EntryUser ID Search
75CompanyFA RegisterUser ID Search
76CompanyField Monitoring SetupUser Id Search
77CompanyField Monitoring SetupUser Id Search
78CompanyFinancial Report User FiltersUser ID Search
79CompanyG/L Budget EntryUser ID Search
80CompanyG/L EntryUser ID Search
81CompanyG/L RegisterUser ID Search
82CompanyHeadline Details Per UserUser Id Search
83CompanyIncoming Document ApproverUser ID Search
84CompanyIns. Coverage Ledger EntryUser ID Search
85CompanyInsurance RegisterUser ID Search
86CompanyInteraction Log EntryUser ID Search
87CompanyInventory Period EntryUser ID Search
88CompanyIssued Fin. Charge Memo HeaderUser ID Search
89CompanyIssued Reminder HeaderUser ID Search
90CompanyItem Budget EntryUser ID Search
91CompanyItem RegisterUser ID Search
92CompanyJob Ledger EntryUser ID Search
93CompanyJob Planning LineUser ID Search
94CompanyJob Queue EntryUser ID Search
95CompanyJob Queue Log EntryUser ID Search
96CompanyJob RegisterUser ID Search
97CompanyJournal User PreferencesUser ID Search
98CompanyLogged SegmentUser ID Search
99CompanyMaintenance Ledger EntryUser ID Search
100CompanyManufacturing User TemplateUser ID Search
101CompanyMy AccountUser ID Search
102CompanyMy CustomerUser ID Search
103CompanyMy ItemUser ID Search
104CompanyMy JobUser ID Search
105CompanyMy NotificationsUser Id Search
106CompanyMy NotificationsUser Id Search
107CompanyMy Time SheetsUser ID Search
108CompanyMy Time SheetsUser ID Search
109CompanyMy VendorUser ID Search
110CompanyNotification ScheduleUser ID Search
111CompanyNotification ScheduleUser ID Search
112CompanyNotification SetupUser ID Search
113CompanyNotification SetupUser ID Search
114CompanyO365 Getting StartedUser ID Search
115CompanyO365 Getting StartedUser ID Search
116CompanyOAuth 2.0 SetupUser ID Search
117CompanyOAuth 2.0 SetupUser ID Search
118CompanyOutlook Synch. LinkUser ID Search
119CompanyOutlook Synch. Setup DetailUser ID Search
120CompanyOutlook Synch. User SetupUser ID Search
121CompanyPayment Registration SetupUser ID Search
122CompanyPayment Registration SetupUser ID Search
123CompanyPhys. Inventory Ledger EntryUser ID Search
124CompanyPositive Pay Entry DetailUser ID Search
125CompanyPosted Approval Comment LineUser ID Search
126CompanyPosted Assembly HeaderUser ID Search
127CompanyPower BI Report UploadsUser ID Search
128CompanyPstd. Phys. Invt. Order HdrUser ID Search
129CompanyPurch. Cr. Memo Hdr.User ID Search
130CompanyPurch. Inv. HeaderUser ID Search
131CompanyPurch. Rcpt. HeaderUser ID Search
132CompanyRC Headlines User DataUser ID Search
133CompanyReminder/Fin. Charge EntryUser ID Search
134CompanyReport InboxUser ID Search
135CompanyReport InboxUser ID Search
136CompanyRequisition LineUser ID Search
137CompanyRes. Ledger EntryUser ID Search
138CompanyResource RegisterUser ID Search
139CompanyRetention Policy Log EntryUser Id Search
140CompanyReturn Receipt HeaderUser ID Search
141CompanyReturn Shipment HeaderUser ID Search
142CompanySales by Cust. Grp.Chart SetupUser ID Search
143CompanySales Cr.Memo HeaderUser ID Search
144CompanySales Invoice HeaderUser ID Search
145CompanySales Shipment HeaderUser ID Search
146CompanySaved Segment CriteriaUser ID Search
147CompanySelected DimensionUser ID Search
148CompanyService Cr.Memo HeaderUser ID Search
149CompanyService Document LogUser ID Search
150CompanyService Document LogUser ID Search
151CompanyService Invoice HeaderUser ID Search
152CompanyService Item LogUser ID Search
153CompanyService Item LogUser ID Search
154CompanyService Ledger EntryUser ID Search
155CompanyService RegisterUser ID Search
156CompanyService RegisterUser ID Search
157CompanyService Shipment HeaderUser ID Search
158CompanyShpfy Log EntryUser ID Search
159CompanySMTP Mail SetupUser ID Search
160CompanyStatistical Ledger EntryUser ID Search
161CompanyTime Sheet Chart SetupUser ID Search
162CompanyTrailing Sales Orders SetupUser ID Search
163CompanyTrailing Sales Orders SetupUser ID Search
164CompanyUser Checklist StatusUser ID Search
165CompanyUser PreferenceUser ID Search
166CompanyUser SetupUser ID Search
167CompanyUser SetupUser ID Search
168CompanyUser Time RegisterUser ID Search
169CompanyValue EntryUser ID Search
170CompanyVAT EntryUser ID Search
171CompanyVAT Registration LogUser ID Search
172CompanyVAT Registration LogUser ID Search
173CompanyVendor Ledger EntryUser ID Search
174CompanyWarehouse EmployeeUser ID Search
175CompanyWarehouse EntryUser ID Search
176CompanyWarehouse Journal LineUser ID Search
177CompanyWarehouse RegisterUser ID Search
178CompanyWorkflow Webhook SubscriptionUser Id Search