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Seq NoTable TypeTable NameField Name
1SystemIntelligent Cloud Not MigratedTable Id Search
2SystemIntelligent Cloud Not MigratedTable Id Search
3SystemIntelligent Cloud StatusTable Id Search
4SystemMigration Table MappingTable ID Search
5SystemMigration Table MappingTable ID Search
6SystemNAV App Data ArchiveTable ID Search
7CompanyApproval Comment LineTable ID Search
8CompanyApproval EntryTable ID Search
9CompanyBOM Warning LogTable ID Search
10CompanyBOM Warning LogTable ID Search
11CompanyBuffer IC Document DimensionTable ID Search
12CompanyBuffer IC InOut Jnl. Line Dim.Table ID Search
13CompanyChange Global Dim. Log EntryTable ID Search
14CompanyConfig. Field MapTable ID Search
15CompanyConfig. Field MappingTable ID Search
16CompanyConfig. Field MappingTable ID Search
17CompanyConfig. LineTable ID Search
18CompanyConfig. Package DataTable ID Search
19CompanyConfig. Package DataTable ID Search
20CompanyConfig. Package ErrorTable ID Search
21CompanyConfig. Package FieldTable ID Search
22CompanyConfig. Package FilterTable ID Search
23CompanyConfig. Package RecordTable ID Search
24CompanyConfig. Package TableTable ID Search
25CompanyConfig. QuestionTable ID Search
26CompanyConfig. Question AreaTable ID Search
27CompanyConfig. Question AreaTable ID Search
28CompanyConfig. Record For ProcessingTable ID Search
29CompanyConfig. Related FieldTable ID Search
30CompanyConfig. Related TableTable ID Search
31CompanyConfig. SelectionTable ID Search
32CompanyConfig. SelectionTable ID Search
33CompanyConfig. Table Processing RuleTable ID Search
34CompanyConfig. Template HeaderTable ID Search
35CompanyConfig. Template HeaderTable ID Search
36CompanyConfig. Template LineTable ID Search
37CompanyConfig. Tmpl. Selection RulesTable ID Search
38CompanyCRM Integration RecordTable ID Search
39CompanyCRM Option MappingTable ID Search
40CompanyCRM Option MappingTable ID Search
41CompanyCRM Post BufferTable ID Search
42CompanyCRM Synch. Conflict BufferTable ID Search
43CompanyCue SetupTable ID Search
44CompanyData Exch. Field GroupingTable ID Search
45CompanyData Exch. Field MappingTable ID Search
46CompanyData Exch. Field Mapping Buf.Table ID Search
47CompanyData Exch. MappingTable ID Search
48CompanyData Exch. Table FilterTable ID Search
49CompanyData Migration EntityTable ID Search
50CompanyDate Compr. RegisterTable ID Search
51CompanyDefault DimensionTable ID Search
52CompanyDefault Dimension PriorityTable ID Search
53CompanyDim. Value per AccountTable ID Search
54CompanyDimension BufferTable ID Search
55CompanyDimensions TemplateTable Id Search
56CompanyDocument AttachmentTable ID Search
57CompanyDocument Search ResultTable ID Search
58CompanyDocument Search ResultTable ID Search
59CompanyDynamic Request Page EntityTable ID Search
60CompanyDynamic Request Page FieldTable ID Search
61CompanyEmail Related RecordTable Id Search
62CompanyExt Txt ID Integration RecordTable ID Search
63CompanyField BufferTable ID Search
64CompanyG/L Account Where-UsedTable ID Search
65CompanyGP Hist. Source ErrorTable Id Search
66CompanyGP Hist. Source ProgressTable Id Search
67CompanyGraph Integration Rec. ArchiveTable ID Search
68CompanyGraph Integration RecordTable ID Search
69CompanyIC Document DimensionTable ID Search
70CompanyIC Inbox/Outbox Jnl. Line Dim.Table ID Search
71CompanyIC Inbox/Outbox Jnl. Line Dim.Table ID Search
72CompanyIntegration Management SetupTable ID Search
73CompanyIntegration RecordTable ID Search
74CompanyIntegration Record ArchiveTable ID Search
75CompanyIntegration Table MappingTable ID Search
76CompanyIntermediate Data ImportTable ID Search
77CompanyItem Attribute Value MappingTable ID Search
78CompanyMaster Data Mgt. CouplingTable ID Search
79CompanyMerge Duplicates BufferTable ID Search
80CompanyMerge Duplicates ConflictTable ID Search
81CompanyMerge Duplicates Line BufferTable ID Search
82CompanyO365 Field Excel MappingTable ID Search
83CompanyOverdue Approval EntryTable ID Search
84CompanyPlanning Error LogTable ID Search
85CompanyPlanning Error LogTable ID Search
86CompanyPosted Approval Comment LineTable ID Search
87CompanyPosted Approval EntryTable ID Search
88CompanyReconcile CV Acc BufferTable ID Search
89CompanyRetention Policy Allowed TableTable Id Search
90CompanyRetention Policy SetupTable Id Search
91CompanyRetention Policy Setup LineTable ID Search
92CompanyTransformation RuleTable ID Search
93CompanyTranslationTable ID Search
94CompanyTranslationTable ID Search
95CompanyVAT Assisted Setup TemplatesTable ID Search
96CompanyVAT Rate Change Log EntryTable ID Search
97CompanyWord TemplateTable ID Search
98CompanyWord Template FieldTable ID Search
99CompanyWord Templates Related TableTable ID Search
100CompanyWord Templates TableTable ID Search
101CompanyWorkflow – Table RelationTable ID Search
102CompanyWorkflow EventTable ID Search
103CompanyWorkflow ResponseTable ID Search
104CompanyWorkflow RuleTable ID Search
105CompanyWorkflow Table Relation ValueTable ID Search