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Seq NoTable TypeTable NameField Name
1SystemExternal Event Activity LogStatus Search
2SystemExternal Event NotificationStatus Search
3SystemHybrid DA ApprovalStatus Search
4SystemHybrid DA ApprovalStatus Search
5SystemHybrid Replication DetailStatus Search
6SystemHybrid Replication SummaryStatus Search
7SystemImage Analysis ScenarioStatus Search
8SystemNAV App Tenant OperationStatus Search
9SystemReport Layout Update LogStatus Search
10SystemReport Layout Update LogStatus Search
11SystemUser ToursStatus Search
12CompanyActivity LogStatus Search
13CompanyActivity LogStatus Search
14CompanyAggregated Assisted SetupStatus Search
15CompanyAPI Data UpgradeStatus Search
16CompanyApproval EntryStatus Search
17CompanyAssembly HeaderStatus Search
18CompanyAssisted SetupStatus Search
19CompanyAssisted SetupStatus Search
20CompanyAudit File Export HeaderStatus Search
21CompanyAudit File Export LineStatus Search
22CompanyBus. Unit In Cons. ProcessStatus Search
23CompanyCertificate of SupplyStatus Search
24CompanyChange Global Dim. Log EntryStatus Search
25CompanyConfig. LineStatus Search
26CompanyConsolidation ProcessStatus Search
27CompanyCredit Transfer RegisterStatus Search
28CompanyData Migration StatusStatus Search
29CompanyData Privacy EntitiesStatus Search
30CompanyDimension CorrectionStatus Search
31CompanyDimension CorrectionStatus Search
32CompanyDirect Debit CollectionStatus Search
33CompanyDirect Debit Collection EntryStatus Search
34CompanyEmail OutboxStatus Search
35CompanyEmail OutboxStatus Search
36CompanyEmployeeStatus Search
37CompanyFiled Service Contract HeaderStatus Search
38CompanyGPPOPReceiptApplyStatus Search
39CompanyHandled IC Inbox Trans.Status Search
40CompanyHandled IC Outbox Trans.Status Search
41CompanyIC Incoming NotificationStatus Search
42CompanyIC Outgoing NotificationStatus Search
43CompanyIncoming DocumentStatus Search
44CompanyIncoming DocumentStatus Search
45CompanyIntegration Field MappingStatus Search
46CompanyIntegration Table MappingStatus Search
47CompanyInvt. Document HeaderStatus Search
48CompanyJobStatus Search
49CompanyJob Planning LineStatus Search
50CompanyJob Queue EntryStatus Search
51CompanyJob Queue Log EntryStatus Search
52CompanyMS-QBO Start Sync. ServiceStatus Search
53CompanyMy JobStatus Search
54CompanyOAuth 2.0 SetupStatus Search
55CompanyOAuth 2.0 SetupStatus Search
56CompanyOpportunityStatus Search
57CompanyPhys. Invt. Order HeaderStatus Search
58CompanyPhys. Invt. Record HeaderStatus Search
59CompanyPosted Approval EntryStatus Search
60CompanyPosted Whse. Receipt LineStatus Search
61CompanyPrice List HeaderStatus Search
62CompanyPrice List LineStatus Search
63CompanyPrice Worksheet LineStatus Search
64CompanyProd. Order Capacity NeedStatus Search
65CompanyProd. Order Capacity NeedStatus Search
66CompanyProd. Order Comment LineStatus Search
67CompanyProd. Order Comp. Cmt LineStatus Search
68CompanyProd. Order ComponentStatus Search
69CompanyProd. Order LineStatus Search
70CompanyProd. Order Routing LineStatus Search
71CompanyProd. Order Routing PersonnelStatus Search
72CompanyProd. Order Routing PersonnelStatus Search
73CompanyProd. Order Routing ToolStatus Search
74CompanyProd. Order Rtng Comment LineStatus Search
75CompanyProd. Order Rtng Qlty Meas.Status Search
76CompanyProd. Order Rtng Qlty Meas.Status Search
77CompanyProduction BOM HeaderStatus Search
78CompanyProduction BOM VersionStatus Search
79CompanyProduction BOM VersionStatus Search
80CompanyProduction OrderStatus Search
81CompanyPstd. Phys. Invt. Order HdrStatus Search
82CompanyPstd. Phys. Invt. Record HdrStatus Search
83CompanyPurch. Cr. Memo Entity BufferStatus Search
84CompanyPurch. Inv. Entity AggregateStatus Search
85CompanyPurchase HeaderStatus Search
86CompanyPurchase Header ArchiveStatus Search
87CompanyPurchase Order Entity BufferStatus Search
88CompanyRequisition LineStatus Search
89CompanyRouting HeaderStatus Search
90CompanyRouting VersionStatus Search
91CompanyRouting VersionStatus Search
92CompanySales Cr. Memo Entity BufferStatus Search
93CompanySales HeaderStatus Search
94CompanySales Header ArchiveStatus Search
95CompanySales Invoice Entity AggregateStatus Search
96CompanySales Order Entity BufferStatus Search
97CompanySales Quote Entity BufferStatus Search
98CompanyService ConnectionStatus Search
99CompanyService Contract HeaderStatus Search
100CompanyService Email QueueStatus Search
101CompanyService Email QueueStatus Search
102CompanyService HeaderStatus Search
103CompanyService ItemStatus Search
104CompanyService Order AllocationStatus Search
105CompanyShpfy Bulk OperationStatus Search
106CompanyShpfy FulFillment Order HeaderStatus Search
107CompanyShpfy Order FulfillmentStatus Search
108CompanyShpfy Order FulfillmentStatus Search
109CompanyShpfy Order TransactionStatus Search
110CompanyShpfy PayoutStatus Search
111CompanyShpfy ProductStatus Search
112CompanyShpfy Return HeaderStatus Search
113CompanyTime Sheet DetailStatus Search
114CompanyTime Sheet Detail ArchiveStatus Search
115CompanyTime Sheet LineStatus Search
116CompanyTime Sheet Line ArchiveStatus Search
117CompanyTo-doStatus Search
118CompanyTransfer HeaderStatus Search
119CompanyTransfer LineStatus Search
120CompanyUnplanned DemandStatus Search
121CompanyVAT Registration LogStatus Search
122CompanyVAT Registration LogStatus Search
123CompanyVAT Registration Log DetailsStatus Search
124CompanyVAT Registration Log DetailsStatus Search
125CompanyVAT Report HeaderStatus Search
126CompanyVAT Return PeriodStatus Search
127CompanyWarehouse Receipt LineStatus Search
128CompanyWarehouse Shipment HeaderStatus Search
129CompanyWarehouse Shipment LineStatus Search
130CompanyWhse. Internal Pick HeaderStatus Search
131CompanyWhse. Internal Pick LineStatus Search
132CompanyWhse. Internal Pick LineStatus Search
133CompanyWhse. Internal Put-away HeaderStatus Search
134CompanyWhse. Internal Put-away LineStatus Search
135CompanyWhse. Pick RequestStatus Search
136CompanyWhse. Put-away RequestStatus Search
137CompanyWorkflow Event QueueStatus Search
138CompanyWorkflow Step InstanceStatus Search
139CompanyWorkflow Step Instance ArchiveStatus Search
140CompanyWorkflow Webhook NotificationStatus Search
141CompanyWorkflows Entries BufferStatus Search