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Seq NoTable TypeTable NameField Name
1SystemCOHUB GroupCode Search
2SystemCustom Report LayoutCode Search
3SystemIsolated CertificateCode Search
4SystemNo. Series TenantCode Search
5SystemSecurity GroupCode Search
6SystemUser GroupCode Search
7CompanyActivityCode Search
8CompanyActivityCode Search
9CompanyAlternative AddressCode Search
10CompanyAMC Bank Pmt. TypeCode Search
11CompanyAnalysis Dim. Selection BufferCode Search
12CompanyAnalysis TypeCode Search
13CompanyAnalysis ViewCode Search
14CompanyAreaCode Search
15CompanyAssembly Comment LineCode Search
16CompanyBank Acc. Comment LineCode Search
17CompanyBank Account Posting GroupCode Search
18CompanyBank Clearing StandardCode Search
19CompanyBank Data Conversion Pmt. TypeCode Search
20CompanyBank Export/Import SetupCode Search
21CompanyBank Export/Import SetupCode Search
22CompanyBase CalendarCode Search
23CompanyBinCode Search
24CompanyBin TemplateCode Search
25CompanyBin TypeCode Search
26CompanyBusiness RelationCode Search
27CompanyBusiness UnitCode Search
28CompanyBusiness Unit InformationCode Search
29CompanyCampaign StatusCode Search
30CompanyCampaign StatusCode Search
31CompanyCapacity Unit of MeasureCode Search
32CompanyCash Flow Account CommentCode Search
33CompanyCash Flow Manual ExpenseCode Search
34CompanyCash Flow Manual RevenueCode Search
35CompanyCause of AbsenceCode Search
36CompanyCause of InactivityCode Search
37CompanyChecklist ItemCode Search
38CompanyChecklist Item RoleCode Search
39CompanyChecklist Item UserCode Search
40CompanyClose Opportunity CodeCode Search
41CompanyComment LineCode Search
42CompanyCompany SizeCode Search
43CompanyConfidentialCode Search
44CompanyConfidentialCode Search
45CompanyConfig. PackageCode Search
46CompanyConfig. Question AreaCode Search
47CompanyConfig. Question AreaCode Search
48CompanyConfig. QuestionnaireCode Search
49CompanyConfig. QuestionnaireCode Search
50CompanyConfig. Template HeaderCode Search
51CompanyConfig. Template HeaderCode Search
52CompanyContact Alt. AddressCode Search
53CompanyContract GroupCode Search
54CompanyCost CenterCode Search
55CompanyCost ObjectCode Search
56CompanyCountry/RegionCode Search
57CompanyCRM Synch. Job Status CueCode Search
58CompanyCurr. Exch. Rate Update SetupCode Search
59CompanyCurrencyCode Search
60CompanyCurrent SalespersonCode Search
61CompanyCust. Invoice Disc.Code Search
62CompanyCustomer Bank AccountCode Search
63CompanyCustomer Discount GroupCode Search
64CompanyCustomer Posting GroupCode Search
65CompanyCustomer Price GroupCode Search
66CompanyCustomer Templ.Code Search
67CompanyCustomer TemplateCode Search
68CompanyData Exch. DefCode Search
69CompanyData Exch. Line DefCode Search
70CompanyData Exchange TypeCode Search
71CompanyDepreciation BookCode Search
72CompanyDepreciation Table HeaderCode Search
73CompanyDimensionCode Search
74CompanyDimension Code BufferCode Search
75CompanyDimension Selection BufferCode Search
76CompanyDimension Set ID Filter LineCode Search
77CompanyDimension TranslationCode Search
78CompanyDimension ValueCode Search
79CompanyDimensions TemplateCode Search
80CompanyDocument Sending ProfileCode Search
81CompanyDocument Sending ProfileCode Search
82CompanyElectronic Document FormatCode Search
83CompanyElectronic Document FormatCode Search
84CompanyEmployee Posting GroupCode Search
85CompanyEmployee Statistics GroupCode Search
86CompanyEmployee Templ.Code Search
87CompanyEmployment ContractCode Search
88CompanyEntry/Exit PointCode Search
89CompanyFA AllocationCode Search
90CompanyFA ClassCode Search
91CompanyFA LocationCode Search
92CompanyFA Posting GroupCode Search
93CompanyFA SubclassCode Search
94CompanyFault AreaCode Search
95CompanyFault Area/Symptom CodeCode Search
96CompanyFault CodeCode Search
97CompanyFault Reason CodeCode Search
98CompanyFin. Charge Comment LineCode Search
99CompanyFinance Charge TermsCode Search
100CompanyFinance Charge TermsCode Search
101CompanyG/L Acc. Budget BufferCode Search
102CompanyG/L Account Mapping HeaderCode Search
103CompanyGen. Business Posting GroupCode Search
104CompanyGen. Product Posting GroupCode Search
105CompanyGeneric Chart Captions BufferCode Search
106CompanyGeneric Chart Memo BufferCode Search
107CompanyGraph Mail SetupCode Search
108CompanyGraph Mail SetupCode Search
109CompanyGrounds for TerminationCode Search
110CompanyGrounds for TerminationCode Search
111CompanyGuided Experience ItemCode Search
112CompanyHR Confidential Comment LineCode Search
113CompanyHuman Resource Comment LineCode Search
114CompanyHuman Resource Unit of MeasureCode Search
115CompanyIC DimensionCode Search
116CompanyIC Dimension ValueCode Search
117CompanyIC PartnerCode Search
118CompanyIndustry GroupCode Search
119CompanyInsurance TypeCode Search
120CompanyInter. Log Entry Comment LineCode Search
121CompanyInteraction GroupCode Search
122CompanyInteraction TemplateCode Search
123CompanyIntrastat SetupCode Search
124CompanyIntrastat SetupCode Search
125CompanyInventory Comment LineCode Search
126CompanyInventory Page DataCode Search
127CompanyInventory Posting GroupCode Search
128CompanyInventory Report HeaderCode Search
129CompanyItem Analysis ViewCode Search
130CompanyItem CategoryCode Search
131CompanyItem Discount GroupCode Search
132CompanyItem IdentifierCode Search
133CompanyItem Statistics BufferCode Search
134CompanyItem Templ.Code Search
135CompanyItem TemplateCode Search
136CompanyItem Tracking CodeCode Search
137CompanyItem Unit of MeasureCode Search
138CompanyItem VariantCode Search
139CompanyJob Posting GroupCode Search
140CompanyJob Queue CategoryCode Search
141CompanyJob Resource PriceCode Search
142CompanyJob ResponsibilityCode Search
143CompanyJob WIP MethodCode Search
144CompanyLanguageCode Search
145CompanyLocationCode Search
146CompanyMailing GroupCode Search
147CompanyMaintenanceCode Search
148CompanyMaintenanceCode Search
149CompanyManufacturerCode Search
150CompanyManufacturing Comment LineCode Search
151CompanyMini Customer TemplateCode Search
152CompanyMini Vendor TemplateCode Search
153CompanyMiniform Function GroupCode Search
154CompanyMiniform HeaderCode Search
155CompanyMisc. ArticleCode Search
156CompanyMS – PayPal Standard TemplateCode Search
157CompanyMS – PayPal Standard TemplateCode Search
158CompanyMS- PayPal Standard TemplateCode Search
159CompanyNative – API Tax SetupCode Search
160CompanyNative – Export InvoicesCode Search
161CompanyNo. SeriesCode Search
162CompanyNo. SeriesCode Search
163CompanyNo. Series RelationshipCode Search
164CompanyO365 Brand ColorCode Search
165CompanyO365 C2Graph Event SettingsCode Search
166CompanyO365 Country/RegionCode Search
167CompanyO365 Coupon ClaimCode Search
168CompanyO365 Cust. Invoice DiscountCode Search
169CompanyO365 Cust. Invoice DiscountCode Search
170CompanyO365 Email SetupCode Search
171CompanyO365 HTML TemplateCode Search
172CompanyO365 Payment MethodCode Search
173CompanyO365 Payment TermsCode Search
174CompanyO365 Posted Coupon ClaimCode Search
175CompanyO365 Social NetworkCode Search
176CompanyOAuth 2.0 SetupCode Search
177CompanyOAuth 2.0 SetupCode Search
178CompanyOCR Service Document TemplateCode Search
179CompanyOnline Map Parameter SetupCode Search
180CompanyOnline Map Parameter SetupCode Search
181CompanyOrder AddressCode Search
182CompanyOrder AddressCode Search
183CompanyOrganizational LevelCode Search
184CompanyOutlook Synch. EntityCode Search
185CompanyOver-Receipt CodeCode Search
186CompanyPayment MethodCode Search
187CompanyPayment PeriodCode Search
188CompanyPayment TermsCode Search
189CompanyPayment TermsCode Search
190CompanyPhys. Invt. Comment LineCode Search
191CompanyPhys. Invt. Counting PeriodCode Search
192CompanyPost CodeCode Search
193CompanyPrice Calculation SetupCode Search
194CompanyPrice Calculation SetupCode Search
195CompanyPrice List HeaderCode Search
196CompanyProd. Order Comment LineCode Search
197CompanyProd. Order Comp. Cmt LineCode Search
198CompanyProd. Order Rtng Comment LineCode Search
199CompanyProduct GroupCode Search
200CompanyProduction BOM Comment LineCode Search
201CompanyProfile Questionnaire HeaderCode Search
202CompanyPurch. Comment LineCode Search
203CompanyPurch. Comment Line ArchiveCode Search
204CompanyPurchase Discount AccessCode Search
205CompanyPurchase Price AccessCode Search
206CompanyPurchasingCode Search
207CompanyPut-away Template HeaderCode Search
208CompanyQualificationCode Search
209CompanyQuality MeasureCode Search
210CompanyReason CodeCode Search
211CompanyReferenced XML SchemaCode Search
212CompanyRelativeCode Search
213CompanyReminder Comment LineCode Search
214CompanyReminder TermsCode Search
215CompanyReminder TermsCode Search
216CompanyRemit AddressCode Search
217CompanyRemit AddressCode Search
218CompanyRepair StatusCode Search
219CompanyRepair StatusCode Search
220CompanyResolution CodeCode Search
221CompanyResource CostCode Search
222CompanyResource PriceCode Search
223CompanyResource Price ChangeCode Search
224CompanyResource Unit of MeasureCode Search
225CompanyResponsibility CenterCode Search
226CompanyRetention PeriodCode Search
227CompanyReturn ReasonCode Search
228CompanyRlshp. Mgt. Comment LineCode Search
229CompanyRounding MethodCode Search
230CompanyRouting Comment LineCode Search
231CompanyRouting LinkCode Search
232CompanySales Comment LineCode Search
233CompanySales Comment Line ArchiveCode Search
234CompanySales CycleCode Search
235CompanySales Discount AccessCode Search
236CompanySales Line DiscountCode Search
237CompanySales Price AccessCode Search
238CompanySales Price and Line Disc BuffCode Search
239CompanySalesperson/PurchaserCode Search
240CompanySalesperson/PurchaserCode Search
241CompanySalutationCode Search
242CompanySaved Segment CriteriaCode Search
243CompanyScrapCode Search
244CompanyService Contract Account GroupCode Search
245CompanyService CostCode Search
246CompanyService Item GroupCode Search
247CompanyService Order TypeCode Search
248CompanyService Price Adjustment GroupCode Search
249CompanyService Price GroupCode Search
250CompanyService ZoneCode Search
251CompanyShip-to AddressCode Search
252CompanyShip-to AddressCode Search
253CompanyShipment MethodCode Search
254CompanyShipping AgentCode Search
255CompanyShipping Agent ServicesCode Search
256CompanyShipping Agent ServicesCode Search
257CompanyShop CalendarCode Search
258CompanyShpfy Order Disc.Appl.Code Search
259CompanyShpfy Order Shipping ChargesCode Search
260CompanyShpfy Order Shipping ChargesCode Search
261CompanyShpfy ProvinceCode Search
262CompanyShpfy ShopCode Search
263CompanySkill CodeCode Search
264CompanySorting TableCode Search
265CompanySource CodeCode Search
266CompanySpecial EquipmentCode Search
267CompanySpecial EquipmentCode Search
268CompanyStandard Customer Sales CodeCode Search
269CompanyStandard General JournalCode Search
270CompanyStandard General JournalCode Search
271CompanyStandard Item JournalCode Search
272CompanyStandard Item JournalCode Search
273CompanyStandard Purchase CodeCode Search
274CompanyStandard Sales CodeCode Search
275CompanyStandard Service CodeCode Search
276CompanyStandard Service Item Gr. CodeCode Search
277CompanyStandard TaskCode Search
278CompanyStandard TextCode Search
279CompanyStandard Vendor Purchase CodeCode Search
280CompanyStockkeeping Unit Comment LineCode Search
281CompanyStopCode Search
282CompanySWIFT CodeCode Search
283CompanySymptom CodeCode Search
284CompanyTax AreaCode Search
285CompanyTax AreaCode Search
286CompanyTax Area BufferCode Search
287CompanyTax GroupCode Search
288CompanyTax Group BufferCode Search
289CompanyTax JurisdictionCode Search
290CompanyTeamCode Search
291CompanyTenant Config. Package FileCode Search
292CompanyTerritoryCode Search
293CompanyTime Sheet Cmt. Line ArchiveCode Search
294CompanyTime Sheet Comment LineCode Search
295CompanyTransaction SpecificationCode Search
296CompanyTransaction TypeCode Search
297CompanyTransformation RuleCode Search
298CompanyTransport MethodCode Search
299CompanyUnionCode Search
300CompanyUnit GroupCode Search
301CompanyUnit of MeasureCode Search
302CompanyUnit of Measure TranslationCode Search
303CompanyUnit of Measure TranslationCode Search
304CompanyUser Task GroupCode Search
305CompanyUser Task GroupCode Search
306CompanyVAT Assisted Setup Bus. Grp.Code Search
307CompanyVAT Assisted Setup TemplatesCode Search
308CompanyVAT Business Posting GroupCode Search
309CompanyVAT ClauseCode Search
310CompanyVAT Product Posting GroupCode Search
311CompanyVAT Reg. No. Srv. TemplateCode Search
312CompanyVAT Reporting CodeCode Search
313CompanyVendor Bank AccountCode Search
314CompanyVendor Invoice Disc.Code Search
315CompanyVendor Posting GroupCode Search
316CompanyVendor Templ.Code Search
317CompanyWarehouse ClassCode Search
318CompanyWarehouse Comment LineCode Search
319CompanyWarehouse Source FilterCode Search
320CompanyWeb SourceCode Search
321CompanyWord TemplateCode Search
322CompanyWord Templates Related TableCode Search
323CompanyWork Center GroupCode Search
324CompanyWork ShiftCode Search
325CompanyWork TypeCode Search
326CompanyWork-Hour TemplateCode Search
327CompanyWorkflowCode Search
328CompanyWorkflowCode Search
329CompanyWorkflow CategoryCode Search
330CompanyWorkflow User GroupCode Search
331CompanyWorkflow User GroupCode Search
332CompanyXML BufferCode Search
333CompanyXML SchemaCode Search
334CompanyZoneCode Search