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Seq NoTable TypeTable NameField Name
1SystemCOHUB EnviromentCity Search
2CompanyAlternative AddressCity Search
3CompanyAutocomplete AddressCity Search
4CompanyBank AccountCity Search
5CompanyCompany InformationCity Search
6CompanyCompany InformationCity Search
7CompanyConfig. SetupCity Search
8CompanyContactCity Search
9CompanyContact Alt. AddressCity Search
10CompanyCustomerCity Search
11CompanyCustomer Bank AccountCity Search
12CompanyCustomer Templ.City Search
13CompanyEmployeeCity Search
14CompanyEmployee Templ.City Search
15CompanyFiled Service Contract HeaderCity Search
16CompanyFinance Charge Memo HeaderCity Search
17CompanyGP Bank MSTRCITY Search
18CompanyGP CustomerCITY Search
19CompanyGP CustomerCITY Search
20CompanyGP Customer AddressCITY Search
21CompanyGP Item LocationCITY Search
22CompanyGP PM00200CITY Search
23CompanyGP POP10100CITY Search
24CompanyGP POPPOHeaderCITY Search
25CompanyGP POPPOLineCITY Search
26CompanyGP RM00101CITY Search
27CompanyGP VendorCITY Search
28CompanyGP VendorCITY Search
29CompanyGP Vendor AddressCITY Search
30CompanyGPPOPPOHistCITY Search
31CompanyGPPOPPOLineHistCITY Search
32CompanyGPSOPTrxAmountsHistCITY Search
33CompanyGPSOPTrxHistCITY Search
34CompanyIssued Fin. Charge Memo HeaderCity Search
35CompanyIssued Reminder HeaderCity Search
36CompanyLocationCity Search
37CompanyMachine CenterCity Search
38CompanyMini Customer TemplateCity Search
39CompanyMini Vendor TemplateCity Search
40CompanyNative – API Tax SetupCity Search
41CompanyOrder AddressCity Search
42CompanyOrder AddressCity Search
43CompanyPost CodeCity Search
44CompanyReminder HeaderCity Search
45CompanyRemit AddressCity Search
46CompanyRemit AddressCity Search
47CompanyResourceCity Search
48CompanyResponsibility CenterCity Search
49CompanyService Contract HeaderCity Search
50CompanyService Cr.Memo HeaderCity Search
51CompanyService HeaderCity Search
52CompanyService Invoice HeaderCity Search
53CompanyService ItemCity Search
54CompanyService Shipment HeaderCity Search
55CompanyShip-to AddressCity Search
56CompanyShip-to AddressCity Search
57CompanyShpfy Customer AddressCity Search
58CompanyStandard AddressCity Search
59CompanyUnionCity Search
60CompanyVendorCity Search
61CompanyVendor Bank AccountCity Search
62CompanyVendor Templ.City Search
63CompanyWork CenterCity Search