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Seq NoTable TypeTable NameField Name
1SystemBusiness SetupArea Search
2CompanyIntrastat Jnl. LineArea Search
3CompanyItem Journal LineArea Search
4CompanyItem Ledger EntryArea Search
5CompanyJob Journal LineArea Search
6CompanyJob Ledger EntryArea Search
7CompanyMiniform LineArea Search
8CompanyPurch. Cr. Memo Hdr.Area Search
9CompanyPurch. Cr. Memo LineArea Search
10CompanyPurch. Inv. HeaderArea Search
11CompanyPurch. Inv. LineArea Search
12CompanyPurch. Rcpt. HeaderArea Search
13CompanyPurch. Rcpt. LineArea Search
14CompanyPurchase HeaderArea Search
15CompanyPurchase Header ArchiveArea Search
16CompanyPurchase LineArea Search
17CompanyPurchase Line ArchiveArea Search
18CompanyReturn Receipt HeaderArea Search
19CompanyReturn Receipt LineArea Search
20CompanyReturn Shipment HeaderArea Search
21CompanyReturn Shipment LineArea Search
22CompanySales Cr.Memo HeaderArea Search
23CompanySales Cr.Memo LineArea Search
24CompanySales HeaderArea Search
25CompanySales Header ArchiveArea Search
26CompanySales Invoice HeaderArea Search
27CompanySales Invoice LineArea Search
28CompanySales LineArea Search
29CompanySales Line ArchiveArea Search
30CompanySales Shipment HeaderArea Search
31CompanySales Shipment LineArea Search
32CompanyService Cr.Memo HeaderArea Search
33CompanyService Cr.Memo LineArea Search
34CompanyService HeaderArea Search
35CompanyService Invoice HeaderArea Search
36CompanyService Invoice LineArea Search
37CompanyService LineArea Search
38CompanyService Shipment HeaderArea Search
39CompanyService Shipment LineArea Search
40CompanyStandard Item Journal LineArea Search
41CompanyTransfer HeaderArea Search
42CompanyTransfer Receipt HeaderArea Search
43CompanyTransfer Shipment HeaderArea Search