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Seq NoTable TypeTable NameField Name
1SystemAAD ApplicationApp ID Search
2SystemAccess ControlApp ID Search
3SystemAzure AD App SetupApp ID Search
4SystemCustom Permission Set In PlanApp ID Search
5SystemCustom Permission Set In PlanApp ID Search
6SystemCustom Report LayoutApp ID Search
7SystemDefault Permission Set In PlanApp ID Search
8SystemDefault Permission Set In PlanApp ID Search
9SystemDesigned Query PermissionApp ID Search
10SystemExternal Event Log EntryApp Id Search
11SystemExternal Event SubscriptionApp Id Search
12SystemHybrid Product TypeApp ID Search
13SystemIsolated StorageApp Id Search
14SystemMigration Table MappingApp ID Search
15SystemMigration Table MappingApp ID Search
16SystemNAV App Data ArchiveApp ID Search
17SystemNAV App Installed AppApp ID Search
18SystemNAV App Published AppApp ID Search
19SystemNAV App SettingApp ID Search
20SystemNAV App Tenant Add-InApp ID Search
21SystemPermission BufferApp ID Search
22SystemPermission Set BufferApp ID Search
23SystemProfile Configuration SymbolsApp ID Search
24SystemSource Table MappingApp Id Search
25SystemTenant PermissionApp ID Search
26SystemTenant Permission SetApp ID Search
27SystemTenant Permission Set Rel.App ID Search
28SystemTenant ProfileApp ID Search
29SystemTenant Profile ExtensionApp ID Search
30SystemTenant Profile Page MetadataApp ID Search
31SystemTenant Profile SettingApp ID Search
32SystemTenant Report LayoutApp ID Search
33SystemTenant Report Layout SelectionApp ID Search
34SystemUser Group Access ControlApp ID Search
35SystemUser Group Permission SetApp ID Search
36SystemUser PersonalizationApp ID Search
37SystemUser PersonalizationApp ID Search
38CompanyAssisted SetupApp ID Search
39CompanyAssisted SetupApp ID Search
40CompanyConnectivity App LogoApp Id Search
41CompanyExtension Pending SetupApp Id Search
42CompanyImport G/L TransactionApp ID Search
43CompanyProduct Video BufferApp ID Search
44CompanyProfile ImportApp ID Search