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Seq NoTable TypeTable NameField Name
1CompanyApproval EntryAmount (LCY) Search
2CompanyBank Account Ledger EntryAmount (LCY) Search
3CompanyCash Flow ForecastAmount (LCY) Search
4CompanyCash Flow Forecast EntryAmount (LCY) Search
5CompanyCash Flow Worksheet LineAmount (LCY) Search
6CompanyCust. Ledger EntryAmount (LCY) Search
7CompanyCustomer AmountAmount (LCY) Search
8CompanyCV Ledger Entry BufferAmount (LCY) Search
9CompanyDeferral LineAmount (LCY) Search
10CompanyDeferral Line ArchiveAmount (LCY) Search
11CompanyDeferral Post. BufferAmount (LCY) Search
12CompanyDeferral Posting BufferAmount (LCY) Search
13CompanyDetailed Cust. Ledg. EntryAmount (LCY) Search
14CompanyDetailed CV Ledg. Entry BufferAmount (LCY) Search
15CompanyDetailed Employee Ledger EntryAmount (LCY) Search
16CompanyDetailed Vendor Ledg. EntryAmount (LCY) Search
17CompanyEmployee Ledger EntryAmount (LCY) Search
18CompanyFA Ledger EntryAmount (LCY) Search
19CompanyGen. Journal LineAmount (LCY) Search
20CompanyHeadline DetailsAmount (LCY) Search
21CompanyHeadline DetailsAmount (LCY) Search
22CompanyHeadline Details Per UserAmount (LCY) Search
23CompanyMaintenance Ledger EntryAmount (LCY) Search
24CompanyPayable Vendor Ledger EntryAmount (LCY) Search
25CompanyPosted Approval EntryAmount (LCY) Search
26CompanyPosted Deferral LineAmount (LCY) Search
27CompanyPosted Gen. Journal LineAmount (LCY) Search
28CompanyReversal EntryAmount (LCY) Search
29CompanyService Ledger EntryAmount (LCY) Search
30CompanyStandard General Journal LineAmount (LCY) Search
31CompanyVendor AmountAmount (LCY) Search
32CompanyVendor Ledger EntryAmount (LCY) Search